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Cognitive Therapy for Addiction: Motivation and Ch&hellip by Frank Ryan
This book does contain all the usual stuff you would expect in a CBT book on addiction. However it also does something very unique - it ties this to current thinking in the neuroscience of addiction. So it brings brain research into the consulting room. Also it makes some facinating speculations about non-conscious processing in addiction. Brilliant. If in doubt - buy it.
Researching Lived Experience: Human Science for an&hellip by Max Van Manen
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I was due to read this book for my PhD and was not really looking forward to it. But it turned out to be brilliantly written and very engaging. There is a wizdom which shines through every page. Explains why van Manen is so influencial in North America.
Managing Anger with CBT For Dummies by Gillian Bloxham
This books takes evidenced based psychology and makes it usuable by an average person. Anger is a difficult to change, yet very important. I also think this book would be good for a number of impulse issues. Buy it.

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