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The Caretakers of the Cosmos: Living Responsibly i&hellip by Gary Lachman
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This latest offering from Gary Lachman shows a development and maturity in the writer's thinking. It is, in some ways, a continuation of the ideas & thinking put forth in the writer's previous works such as 'The Secret History of Consciousness' and 'The Quest for Hermes Trismegistus'. At its heart is the notion that 'being 'fully human' is what many people avoid...'In our climate of insignificance, we are more comfortable with the "only human"' (p.22). Thus, as Lachman tells us, ''It may be that the "other world" we have "fallen" from, have brief haunting memories of, and a yearning nostalgia for, is another mode of consciousness that is our birthright, but which,… Read more
Unearthing Venus: My Search for the Woman Within by Cate Montana
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I haven't written a book review for a long time; yet I felt compelled to do so after finishing reading Cate Montana's 'Unearthing Venus'...this is a personal journey told with such honesty, rigour, vigour, and brutal warmth...and yet it is a journey that can reveal the path for so many of us. Although it may focus on the unfolding of the feminine and highlight a woman's path, it is so much more than that. The book is about the transformation of values internal to ourselves and thus essential to our societies too. It is not only a personal journey - it touches upon the essential need to manifest a new expression of consciousness and human values - and for society to work and understand these… Read more
Zen of Stars: Futures of Planet Earth by "St.Clair"
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In retrospect, after reading St. Clair's 'Zen of Stars' I would feel more confident in recommending his website, his interviews and web videos, than his 400+ page book. On the web, and in interviews, he comes across as an articulate speaker. Yet through the course of the book he comes across as more of a rambling speaker; at times incoherent; often repetitive; frequently vague.

First, there is a lot of material in this book. And for many readers - like myself - who are wanting to join-the-dots on subjects such as 2012, future evolution, consciousness shift, other dimensional entities, etc, there is much in this book to assist. Yet overall the narrative gets bogged down by its own… Read more