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Easy Pain ~ Young Widows
Easy Pain ~ Young Widows
3.0 out of 5 stars Acquaintance > Friend, 12 May 2014
Youíve got the track-by-track reviewer. The lyric nerd. The abstract and/or tangential. Those that analyse emotionally as well as many others. Ordinarily I seek to keep a distance between reviewer and review (you wonít find much first person in a piece of mine), but not today because, for me, Kentucky trio Young Widows havenít seen the plaudits their now-four LP careers deserves. Our circles, and by extension others too Iím guessing, very rarely overlap and itís a shame because their erstwhile brand of melodic post-hardcore is right up many an alley.

Easy Pain is the bandís attempt to remedy this subjective anonymity. To these ears, itís immediately the band at their most… Read more
Nikki Nack ~ tUnE-yArDs
Nikki Nack ~ tUnE-yArDs
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Roots Of Tunes, 5 May 2014
Though itís fashionable to blame incestuous parts of the reviewing community for showering praise here when the music-buying public think itís better deserved there, there often exists good reasons to explain the gulf between the critically lauded and the commercially successful. Foremost of these is that the critic, in most cases, is in his position because he is a music fan Ė one that wants to love new music as much, if not more so, than the next man. And, in this dual role, he will have heard a lot of music Ė more so, on average, than that next man. This is not carte blanche to trust his taste implicitly of course. The unbiased critic however is, at the very least, unlikely to put his… Read more
Process ~ Yvette
Process ~ Yvette
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4.0 out of 5 stars Ain't No Lady, 5 May 2014
ďWe will not profit off this record, most people will not hear it, and of those who do, many will not like it.Ē So reads part of the press release for Yvetteís bruising industrial debut Process. Itís a curiously honest (if self-deprecating statement) from the label, but is it also a solid dose of anti-marketing for an anti-music LP? Itís undoubtedly a ferocious noise-punk record that truly batters the ears in places, but whether itís actually intolerable requires context. Many of the people who ďwill not likeĒ this record will find its synth sirens, gruelling feedback and screeching shrapnel too much to bear, though in truth such blasts pass quickly. The recording volume too is often so… Read more

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