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A Very British Murder by Lucy Worsley
A Very British Murder by Lucy Worsley
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This is an entertaining and readable treatment of a fascinating subject, but it is - as other reviewers have pointed out - very derivative of Judith Flanders' superior but more difficult text, 'The Invention of Murder.' I could not help thinking all along, whilst I was reading it, how annoying it must be for writers such as Flanders to find their work constantly re-hashed and popularized in this way - couldn't she have been approached to do a TV series herself? It must be very irritating to produce great work that other people make money from!
The Secret Rooms: A castle filled with intrigue, a&hellip by Catherine Bailey
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A well-written and well-researched book, but ultimately rather disappointing in that the 'mysteries' which are so hyped turn out to be rather trivial - the kind of things that might happen in most families (rivalries between parents and children, childhood accidents, etc). I also found it hard to sympathize with any of the major characters, all of whom seemed over-privileged, selfish, and unpleasant. My overwhelming reaction was a 'so what?' - do we care about any of them, or what happens to them? I thought that most of the principal personnages got what they deserved. Having said that, the big plus point is the beautifully described settings and scenes of life in a forgotten time - the… Read more
French Parents Don't Give In: 100 parenting tips f&hellip by Pamela Druckerman
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As someone who has lived in Paris for many years and seen many French parents in action, I can say that this book - like the one before it - is biased and inaccurate. French children might be more obedient when they are small, but that is simply because French parents are stricter - down to the fact that 57% of French parents in a recent poll admitted to regularly smacking their children. When they grow older, French children have some of the highest rates of smoking and cannabis consumption in Europe. An OECD survey also rated them near the bottom of OECD countries for discipline in school. Good examples to follow, hey? I actually thought Druckerman's account of attempting to engineer… Read more

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