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What fascinates me, both as an author and decades ago as a student of psychology and philosophy, is the observation of troubled or dysfunctional characters who may nevertheless find that every cloud can ultimately have a silver lining. If life is a struggle, it really is still better to try and fail than not to try at all. Broadly, my themes are cross-genre, from the literary suspense to relationships and family.
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"A Child from the Wishing Well" obtained the Harper Collins Gold Star award May 2010 for literary and psychological suspense. Souls, particularly troubled ones; the outsider, the lonely, any driven to extremity, drive the work.
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"Mister Kreasey's Demon",
"Aristo's Fami… Read more

Apart from my dear wife and daughter, I am moved by the music and life of the composer Edward Elgar, the passion leading me on my annual pilgrimage to a cottage in the Malvern Hills. I confess also to a passion for plump docile tabby cats.

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The Barrenness by Sonja Lewis
The Barrenness by Sonja Lewis
This is an emotionally powerful study of a central protagonist, Lil, who is approaching 40 years of age and who, at just 10 years, had lost her mother while for 30 more years she has in many ways turned to the emotional support of her aunt, but who is now haunted by the stubborn, if well-intended, advice of aunt Mamie. Aunt Marnie won't let her forget that she, Lil, could miss her opportunity to have a child of her own if she remains without one much longer and, with that loss, there will inevitably follow the ultimate loss of fulfilment in life which might have been her birth right - before tragedy struck with the early loss of her mother.

Mamie's advice is almost obsessive and,… Read more
In the Shadows (The Outsiders Book 1) by Susan Finlay
Much has already been said which echoes my own view about the suspense and intrigue which sustains the plot of "In the Shadows" by Susan Finlay and so I want to focus on an aspect which particularly attracted me - the sense of atmosphere and immediacy conveyed by the settings as the narrative starts in Paris and moves on to other locations.

Maura Barrington, visiting Paris, is first seen, alone, and apprehensive in her hotel room in the relatively insalubrious area of Paris' 18th arrondissement. We learn of the brown mouse which she witnesses scurrying across her room, the "musty darkness mixed with a smell she couldn't quite identify... the dingy hallway... a… Read more
The Lighthouse (SALT MODERN FICTION) by Alison Moore
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5.0 out of 5 stars A heavy burden, 17 Jan 2013
The disintegration of Futh's marriage at first seems like another statistic in matrimony until we see that it is perhaps his slightly simple nature, social clumsiness and 'round peg in a square hole' temperament which may have contributed. As the character is built, his clumsiness becomes very plausible and is combined with the realisation which haunts him of his own mother's leaving his father.

I couldn't help feeling as weighted down as he must have been by a cruel fate - if not cruel genes.

On his ambles through Germany with his father, soon after the splitting of his parents, all he has to cling to of his mother is the model lighthouse; a perfume container, which… Read more