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I'm a huge movie fanatic, love any genre, but favourites include action and sci fi. My interests range from the latest blockbusters to foreign arthouse and black and white classics, and i'm a huge fan of american tv shows, some of which i think are e… Read more


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Doctor Who: Shockwave (Destiny of the Doctor 7) by James Swallow
The 7th Doctor and Ace arrive at Tarsus 6, a world about to be consumed by an exploding sun resulting in a huge shockwave but The Doctor insists that they aren't there to stop it or help the people of Tarsus 6. The 7th chapter in the ongoing Destiny Of The Doctor series is one of the better audios in the series so far and the highlight for me is waiting for the cameo from the 11th Doctor. The much overlooked 7th Doctor who for me anyway had a poor start on tv but gradually improved over time is at his manipulative best here. As usual he knows what's going on but doesn't tell anyone else which frustrates his companion Ace. A decent reading from Sophie Aldred who amusingly slips into a… Read more
A Most Wanted Man [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Anton Corbijn
A Most Wanted Man [DVD] DVD ~ Anton Corbijn
A group of German intelligence agents in Hamburg are watching a Muslim man who has arrived in Germany from Russia claiming asylum. Is this man a terrorist? One of Phillip Seymour Hoffman's final films, this is a slow burn but tense thriller with an excellent performance from Hoffman as German spy master Gunther with good performances from Willem Dafoe, Rachel Mcadams and Robin Wright. This is more Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy than James Bond though so don't expect an action packed thriller and while Hoffman did better films this is still a solid, enjoyable film.
Doctor Who: Trouble in Paradise (Destiny of the Do&hellip by Nev Fountain
3.0 out of 5 stars Carry on Columbus, 17 Sep 2014
The 6th Doctor gets a message from the future and the 11th Doctor which leads him to 1492 just as Christopher Columbus is about to discover America. The crew of Columbus' ship believe that it is haunted by the devil and they are about to sail off the edge of the world. The Destiny Of The Doctor series which features a story from each Doctor and sees each Doctor getting a message from the future and the 11th Doctor has truth to be told, a bit hit and miss. Some stories have been better than others and this is one of the weaker more average ones. A lot of this will of course also depend on how much you enjoy the talking book format which I don't mind but it doesn't seem to work as well for me… Read more

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