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Soulmate [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Anna Walton
Soulmate [DVD] DVD ~ Anna Walton
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To be honest, Soulmate is a semi-decent film, in an escapist-fantasy-about-vulnerable-woman-who-meets-unattainable-man sort of way, but what it's NOT by any stretch of the imagination, is a horror film. And it's this fact that kind of makes it a victim of its own construction; the slow build of the first third (which is both effectively creepy and unsettling) ends up working against the film by setting a tone that the leads the big "reveal" and it's fallout to seem utterly silly and laughable. It's literally like Emily Bronte started a ghost story, and then it was picked up and finished by an aspiring self published YA author who's done too much Twilight fan fiction. What starts with one… Read more
Lord of Tears [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ David Schofield
Lord of Tears [DVD] DVD ~ David Schofield
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2.0 out of 5 stars Owl-man - 1 Acting - 0, 26 Jun 2014
The only thing horrific about this film is the lead actor. This is unquestionably the worst performance I've ever seen, in any medium. Just excruciating. Why was he cast? How does something like this happen? And it's not as if the cast as a whole is poor, in fact the quality of the support, (especially Lexy Hulme who was wonderfully warm and quirky and mesmerising) makes Douglas's performance all the more painful. The film's one-way chemistry was so cringe inducing I actually felt like writing to his co-star to apologise. The fact that he even struggles to portray an attraction to the genuinely endearing performance of a pretty girl, is even more damning.

But the massive problem… Read more
Phantoms by Dean Koontz
Phantoms by Dean Koontz
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Sisters Jenny and Lisa Paige, two sisters, return to Jenny's small hometown of Snowfield, California only to discover no one alive. The few bodies they find are either mutilated, or reveal some strange form of death. Something appears to be lingering in the darkness, on the end of all the telephones, and very quickly the truth begins to unfold. I don't really understand People slating Phantoms for being cliched and derivative, when there are far more glaring issues with it. I thought the plot was decent, it jumps right in, and rolls along nicely and the actual detail of it is written well with some nice evocative description. The problems come as soon as there's a requirement for tension,… Read more