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Live in the south west of England. Love writing reviews, bit of a hobby in truth, it's a privilege having people read my thoughts on items I've watched or listened to. I try to give a fair and honest account of the items I review, hoping it's helpful to those trying to decide whether or not to buy. I have a fairly large collection of movies and music.

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Love most of Clint Eastwood's films,
and those directed by him.
Mel Gibson...also has directed some
great movies.
Watch a range of movies including
'Westerns' 'Sci-fi' 'Drama' 'Family'
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Golden Years ~ Everly Brothers
Golden Years ~ Everly Brothers
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For me, having followed 'The Everly's' since the late fifties owning CD's of some of
there memorable recordings is second nature to me, though there are many best-
of and Greatest Hits albums out there of which in truth I have many, I still to this
day check out newly compiled hits albums from the Brothers, different play order,
slight variations in the play-list....all good.
Of course the 'Everly's' Hey-Days were in the late fifties to the early to mid sixties,
during which time they had countless chart-entries both sides of the 'Atlantic'
Sadly as fans of the 'Everly's' will know younger brother 'Phil' passed on earlier this
I've… Read more
Cher Story ~ Cher
Cher Story ~ Cher
Just shows how long this lady's been around, this a collection of numbers recorded
whilst singing with then husband 'Sonny Bono' though most of this album is 'Cher'
What a career she's had, still active now of course, this takes us back to the very
beginning of her recording career, including some memorable U.K chart -sounds.
Back in 65' the number 'All I Really Want To Do' which peaked at number '9' this
followed by 'Bang Bang' ( Chart '3' 1966 ) also the same year 'I Feel Something
In The Air' ( Chart '43' ) and 'Sunny' ( Chart '32' ) these the 'Liberty' Hits for
'Cher' however though she switched label and continued to chart both solo… Read more
Time Machine [Blu-ray] [1960] [US Import] <b>Blu-ray</b> ~ Alan Young
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H.G.WELLS' A futuristic novel writer bringing us many imagination busting books including
'War of The Worlds' written in 1898, 'Island of Doctor Moreau' 1896 and 'The Invisible Man'
1897 among many along with this 'The Time Machine' in 1895....what a visionary he really
In recent years a re-make of this film starring 'Guy Pearce' (2002) although this the 1960 film,
is obviously dated by todays standards it is in my view far superior to the 2002 re-make.
The film - 'H.George Wells' -'George' (Rod Taylor) has been experimenting with a machine he
built that he hopes will Wisk him into the future, or indeed the past, same place, a different… Read more