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Where the Wild Things Are [Blu-ray] [2009] [Region&hellip <b>Blu-ray</b> ~ Max Records
As a child i suspect most of us have visited an imaginary world in which we have...control ?
9 year-old 'Max' feels that everyone's against him at home and craves attention.
He runs away....sails to a strange land with strange creatures, when they first meet 'Max' believes that he may be eaten by them, so, he quickly tells them a tale of having been a king for 20 years, the creatures needing a leader accept him, or some of them as their 'King'
They happily follow his suggestions, though some have mis-givings over his claims.
the creatures however accept 'Max' as their friend, which in truth is all he really wanted.
This remains a must-see movie for the kids ( of all… Read more
Need for Speed [Blu-ray] [2014] <b>Blu-ray</b> ~ Aaron Paul
Need for Speed [Blu-ray] [2014] Blu-ray ~ Aaron Paul
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The film is based on the highly successful 'video=game' series 'Need for Speed''
first introduced in 1994 by 'Electronic Arts'
Street Racer 'Toby Marshall' has inherited his fathers business, they build high-
speed cars, trouble is the business is in debt, when former partner 'Dino Brewster'
(Dominic Cooper) who 'Toby' (Aaron Paul) has historic issues with, offers 'Toby'
a job to complete the construction of 'Dino's' 'Ford Mustang' for 25% of the sale
price, a return that could give the business a $500.000 minimum lift
Reluctantly 'Toby' and his friends accept the proposal...........when complete, 'Dino'
challenges 'Toby' to a race for the 25%… Read more
Devoted To You [Double CD] ~ Various Artists
Devoted To You [Double CD] ~ Various Artists
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Another Collection of songs from yesteryear that were recorded between the late 50's
into the very early 60's.
As with the 'Halfway to Paradise' release harboured on-board are many songs that did
feature in the U.K charts during that period, however it's fair to say there are also several
B-sides and indeed a few 'L.P' tracks,
Like many of you I suspect, I remember seeing the likes of 'Alma Cogan' 'Michael Holliday'
and 'Marion Ryan' on the variety shows on TV in the late 50's funnily enough I remember
them actually performing the songs on-board this release.
For the price of just 3,00 currently on the 'Amazon' site for again 50 songs is quite… Read more