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Doctor Who - Series 3 Volume 2 [DVD] [2005] <b>DVD</b> ~ David Tennant
Doctor Who history has just been written! This is the show that everyone will be talking about years from now. It's the kind of show you would want to put on your Big Screen Television and invite friends over for a party. It would be a party they would never forget!

There are certain elements to Doctor Who that has captured the minds and imaginations of millions of viewers. As a 5 year old child watching Doctor Who and seeing Daleks for the first time, and now more than 40 years later, here is something new, something believable yet unbelievable, something to stir the imagination and make you think. It's not just about the Daleks, it is also about social injustice, an example of… Read more

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"Tripods, The - Series 2   (DVD)" [1984] <b>DVD</b> ~ Graham Theak&hellip
"Tripods, The - Series 2 (DVD)" [1984] DVD ~ Graham Theakston|John Shackley|Jim Baker (II)|Peter Dolphin