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10 ~ Mad Capsule Markets
10 ~ Mad Capsule Markets
5.0 out of 5 stars Big in Japan, 14 Mar 2003
The mad capsule markets certainly have come on leaps and bounds. The first U.K release OS-DIS gave everyone a very small taste of the raw power and general insanity of this japanese 3-set. The music is beyond definition,combining an essence of punk/metal with some very old-skool hardcore drum beats more expected in the older european rave scene. A lot of the songs are either in japanese or(fairly patchy)english but as with the likes of rammstein the langauge barrier only adds to the enjoyment of the music more than the lyrics by making this the main focus. This offering is a lot darker than the previous album(which contained the delightfully cheery and tuneful ska track,sunny beach)and the… Read more

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