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Give Me Everything You Have: On Being Stalked by James Lasdun
Being stalked online is a ghastly experience, and the Internet being the abrasive place it is, it's a subject that most people would be happy to see well analysed. This story is well written, but a great many people seem to find it unsatisfying, and I think the reason is fairly simple: the author is evidently reflective, but has tremendous blind spots in his thinking. The book appears to be a lot less intelligent than he is - or at least, than I hope he is. By the end, I think a lot of people will put it down with the nagging sense that Lasdun could have done better than this.

The basic story is simple: meeting a talented young writer in his fiction class, Lasdun singled her out… Read more
Chunky Cord Round Pouffe Footstool (Red, Medium) by Dunrich
We bought this assuming that it would be roughly the colour in the picture, a warm, rich red. Instead, it's a dingy, faded burgundy, very ugly. We'll be returning it.
Cybersexism: Sex, Gender and Power on the Internet by Laurie Penny
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This is a subject desperately overdue some serious discussion, and Laurie Penny has long been a pioneer in bringing it to public attention. We need a lot of books like this.

This isn't so much a book as a pamphlet; in length, it's short, and in the research and examples it covers, it's more a basic introduction than an in-depth study. If you've been following the discussion, her examples will be familiar, such as the Sarkeesian case and Ally Fogg's soapbox analogy. In its cases, it works mostly as a compendium of some of the most egregious recent examples and astute recent observerations; useful, but not exhaustive.

Its best feature is probably Penny's epigrammatic… Read more

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