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Marvel Masterworks: The Mighty Thor - Volume 4 (Ma&hellip by Stan Lee
I enjoy the courage and power of the Mighty Thor - but why is Odin such a pain ? If the universe is in danger - well Odin might be deep in the 'Odin sleep' or having a deep Odin brood that cannot be interupted. Then wheh Thor is really up against it - in steps the ever helpful Odin and banishes him or halves his power, hides his hammer or something - awful. Loki is a mate compared to Thor's father - who always steps in and makes a bad situation worse. Odin - you are a pain in the AMAZON RESERVES THE RIGHT TO EDIT REVIEWS.
Infinity Volume 1 by Jonathan Hickman
Infinity Volume 1 by Jonathan Hickman
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Mercifully at least theres no time travel, as all the alternate time lines and three or four Wolverines from different times teaming up to..well etc. No its time time but space that is the vast backdrop for this Saga.
But - again, as during so many of these story arc, these multi-title epic cross-over extravagant epoch defining Events - nothing much changes afterwards, when has it ever ? But, again.....the best character is not brought into the mix - could noone find a role for Marvel's most dazzling and memorable figure - where oh where was the Stilt man ??
Haunter of the Ring: And Other Tales (Wordsworth M&hellip by Robert E. Howard
Some people seem to find the name of this volume of the pulp fiction writer Robert E Howards supernatural tales to be, in some way, amusing. Haunter of the ring...haunter of the ring ? well I fail to see anything amusing whatsoever in the title of this volume of pulp era horrer tales from the oddly famous Robert E Howard. I have always been a fan of this type of fiction and prior to that enjoyed the great comic books of the DC line - how excited I was every time Green Lantern charged up his Ring in his special power lantern, or when the Flash would release his costume from the compresed state within his Ring where he use to secretly hide it. The Legion of Super Heros - they all had flight… Read more

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