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In With The Out Crowd ~ Less Than Jake
In With The Out Crowd ~ Less Than Jake
5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant, 22 May 2006
Been waiting this album for a long time and it's definately worth it!

As much as we'd all love a brand new straight up ska album, this album's far from that but in a good way. Whilst Soundtrack To My Life and Rest Of My Life felt week on their band page, they are so strong when back by the rets of the album. I loved Overrated form the second i heard it. Let Her Go is great, reminds me of Greta American Sharpshooter, but ska-d up. Although there are a few ska tracks, I dont think thats is what this album is about. As tehy said in an interview, this album definately feels more mature. It has some slower, more mellow songs, but these are what really grabbed my attention. I feel I… Read more

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