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I want back the days of prehistoric MTV and raw Ghekko's greed. I want the novelty of chrome. The chinking of pachinko parlors. 49¢ gizmos. And Hong-Kong heroics. I want back Clavel' Far East. Iron Curtain bogeymen. Fake deli orgasms. And the soothing Sea of Neon Dreams. Infinite. Infinite in all directions.

I am a NeuroBiologist with a PhD in NeuroScience. My research topics include memory and consciousness.

A Gen-X'er with a mid-80s nostalgia and a New Millennium curiosity; a TWIN PEAKS fan (hence, the photo-legend), which I believe to be the greate… Read more

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Goliton® Stand 360 Degree Rotation/rotating Protec&hellip by Goliton
This was a gift to my sister who had just acquired an Asus Transformer TF300TL - and she loved it.
The tablet fits perfectly, not too tight to damage the coating, not too loose to be in danger of falling off (although I would suggest not to keep taking it on and off as the plastic may loosen). It has an opening for the camera lens and another for the ASUS logo to show - which also serves as a pivot to allow the tablet to be turned on its side.
The case can also be used as a stand in both orientations.

Distrust That Particular Flavor by William Gibson
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If anyone expects this to be a novel, well, it is clearly not. It is a far greater treat.

Distrust That Particular Flavor is a collection of essays and articles William Gibson had given over the years. If you have been touched by his mesmerizing prose and kaleidoscopic Futures he keeps weaving one trilogy at a time, you would want to read all of them. Instead of fine combing the net to locate them all, you can easily find them now in one printed source. I am a great fan, ever since I plunged into Neuromancer as a freshman in the nineties, and thought I had a complete collection of all of William Gibson's articles. Well, I was not even halfway done!

What I particularly… Read more
Cruzer Fit 16 GB USB 2.0 Flash Drive (SDCZ33-016G-&hellip by SanDisk
I recently bought a Panasonic SC-PM02 Mini HiFi for my kitchen and I needed a reliable, ample yet micro USB FlashDrive to keep it attached. This SanDisk 16GB Cruzer was exactly what I imagined it to be. Small (only the black plastic stays out when inserted) yet easy to remove and with enough space to fit hours and hours of digital songs.

I have trusted SanDisk again and again with their Flash Drives and (with the exception of a Ultra Cruzer Titanium that one day simply refused to function) they have rarely let me down.