What do I fear most in the world? The possibility that, in the end, love might not be enough.
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I want back the days of prehistoric MTV and raw Ghekko's greed. I want the novelty of chrome. The chinking of pachinko parlors. 49 gizmos. And Hong-Kong heroics. I want back Clavel' Far East. Iron Curtain bogeymen. Fake deli orgasms. And the soothing Sea of Neon Dreams. Infinite. Infinite in all directions.

I am a NeuroBiologist with a PhD in NeuroScience. My research topics include memory and consciousness.

A Gen-X'er with a mid-80s nostalgia and a New Millennium curiosity; a TWIN PEAKS fan (hence, the photo-legend), which I believe to be the greate… Read more

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Samsung S24C750PS 23.6 inch PLS LED Monitor (250cd&hellip by Samsung
5.0 out of 5 stars A BRILLIANT MONITOR, 3 July 2014
After more than a decade, my trusted SONY SDM-S was starting to show its age. For too long, I was willing to put up with its slow response time and obsolete geometry because it was a solid, reliable PC monitor and it looked great on my home desk, with its total black and clear-cut design. Yet, all good things come to an end. After a number of warning flickerings, I realized the end was nigh. It was time to find a replacement.

After extensive research I knew I had found what I was looking for when I saw this SAMSUNG S24C750P: a brilliant 23.6" (16:9) monitor with a decent response time and the deepest blacks you can find. The later is due to the fact that this is patented PSA LCD… Read more
Simplehuman Stainless Steel Wall Mount Bag Holder by simplehuman
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Paper grocery bags only seem to work in the movies. You know, with the baguette and some carrots sticking on top, nothing ever tearing or spilling out all over the place? In real life, whenever you come back from the grocery store you are stuck with a bunch of plastic bags that it does not feel good to stick in your trash bin. And it is not just the environmentalism-guilt-trip, it is also practical to have some plastic bags handy when you need them.

I used to have a similar wall-mounted holder from IKEA. It worked fine but it was bulky and ugly. This holder, in contrast, is practical yet slick and discreet. Its brushed steel surface matches our other brushed-steel kitchen… Read more
Fate Collection: Fate 1, Fate 2: Traitor Soul & Fa&hellip by WildTangent Games
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The original Fate was the PG version of DIABLO: cartoonish graphics, simplified quests, very limited gore and a cute child/hero running, fighting (and fishing!) in armor. The dungeons were endlessly random, the beasts well deserving their fate and the weapons and trinkets imaginative (and surprisingly expensive!). Overall, very fun to play!

Its first sequel, Fate: Undiscovered Realms, offered more of the same in a second set of dungeons. And the second sequel improves little beyond offering yet another set.

Very few things are new in this standalone incarnation. True, you can now choose amongst four races (Human, Shadow Elf, Half-Orc and Cogger). The best one is still… Read more