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The Negotiator [1998] [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Samuel L. Jackson
The Negotiator [1998] [DVD] DVD ~ Samuel L. Jackson
4.0 out of 5 stars stylish twisty thriller, 30 July 2014
After a large amount of great performances during the 90's both Jackson and Spacey remained on top form for this slightly cliche filled thriller, that for the most part works on it's own terms.

Top negotiator Jackson is set up to look like he killed his partner over a dispute with missing money from the police pension fund.

He takes internal affairs staff hostage and calls Spacey to the scene, knowing him to be a highly thought of negotiator.

There in lies the fun of the movie as we watch two highly intelligent men face off in a battle of wills as Jackson desperatly tries to clear his name and Spacey tries to free the hostages.

Slightly over long… Read more
Robin Hood - La Leggenda <b>DVD</b> ~ Uma Thurman
Robin Hood - La Leggenda DVD ~ Uma Thurman
3.0 out of 5 stars A pleasent surprise, 13 July 2014
No where near as glossy as the Kevin Costner film and not quite as gritty as the Russell Crowe version, this is aninterpretation of the myth and legend that falls between both.

It's down and dirty, but still remains some wit, humour and of course romance.

Patrick Bergin makes a likable rougue as Robin, whilst Uma Thurman in an early role is a good Marion, full of spirit and attitude.

The film got eclipsed by Prince of thieves, and whilst not as slick, is still a great take on a robin hood tale, full of action, a great supporting cast and well directed, it goes for realism rather than Hollywood gloss.

Well worth a watch.
Kuffs <b>DVD</b> ~ Ashley Judd
Kuffs DVD ~ Ashley Judd
4.0 out of 5 stars Great action comedy, 5 July 2014
This action comedy is a overlooked gem of a film. Very much of it's time, with a soundtrack to match that late 80's early 90's action genre vibe, it features a music score from Harold Faltermeyer (Top gun, Beverley Hills Cop) and lots of quotable dialougue.

In fact this resembles the first Beverley Hills Cop in the fact that it mixes razor sharp humour with drama and just enough action to not be to over the top.

Even the story is similar, as Christian Slater as Kuffs, our reluctent and some would say screw up hero must chase down the villain that killed a loved one whilst fighting against by the book officials.

Slater plays likeable slacker Kuffs who… Read more