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Skate (PS3) by Electronic Arts
Skate (PS3) by Electronic Arts
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4.0 out of 5 stars EA Skate Overall.., 18 Dec 2007
Skate is a pretty kick-A game,..As for Skating games it definetly sets the standards, I'm currently stuck on one part of the game as it's not HARD to do tricks, but HORSE shows up in the game quite alot and even when you're free-skating around and pulling off amazing tricks, when it gets to horse alot of your tricks that you did so amazingly tend to come out as an Ollie, a Nollie, Kickflip, or a Heelflip. which can be annoying because it doesn't take notice of the variations you added on. So you can tend to get by nose flipping, making it a 180, 360 and a 520 etc.. to try and get more points, but it gets a part of the game where HORSE is just a really hard part of the game to compete… Read more
MySims (Wii) by Electronic Arts
MySims (Wii) by Electronic Arts
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4.0 out of 5 stars Another SiMS Title!!, 17 Dec 2007
So we have another Sims title, with a twist,.. and It's took me a while to get around to reviewing this but I've spent alot of time on the game so this is going to be pretty accurate to what I actually think of the game.

Well as I stated above "I've spent alot of time on the game" and I have, It is an addictive game,..There are certain points where 'Repetative' is the best word which springs to mind to if it wasn't for the Wii controlls this game would have been at the bottom of the pile.

It's a fun 'cute' little game where you have to create places for businesses to open in a run down town and you're the person for the job! - It's upto you how to treat people and you… Read more
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (PS3) by Eidos
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Kane&Lynch - Alot of people are saying these are Playstation2 Graphics, I can honestly say they are actually PS3. Not on par with Assassins Creed but bare in mind it's on level with Hitman.

The game is one of those games where you have a gun, and you're in a team.. when you get shot down, you can be revived by a team mate for a certain amount of times.

Getting shot down can become fairly annoying,...I'd personally rather die than wait for a team mate who's running into gunfire for 2minutes while i'm hoping he will actually get here alive to revive me,..or will he keep finding more and more holes in his torso...

It is not a brilliant game, and I can honestly… Read more

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