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I've got a bugbear with book reviews. I dislike ones that state "I liked this book" and "I couldn't get into this book" and "I hated this book with an all-consuming fiery passion." These reviews don't help me buy books. They don't tell me anything at all.

To that end, my book reviews describe something about me and my tastes, demographic, interests and comparisons. This will make the review as u… Read more


Top Reviewer Ranking: 3,756 - Total Helpful Votes: 437 of 516
10 Secrets of the Laidback Knitters by Vicki Stiefel, Lisa Souza
10 Secrets of the Laidback Knitters by Vicki Stiefel, Lisa Souza
I bought this book for a specific pattern that I fell in love with on Ravelry, and was expecting that the rest of it wouldn't be very useful. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the nice layout and sweet writing style; it's a lot more friendly and accessible than other pattern books.

There are some patterns that I'll never knit up - a "necklace/scarf" knitted from a specific yarn that contains stainless steel wire is a cool idea, but the yarn is as readily findable as hen's teeth. But there's other cute gems, like folk rhymes for remembering how to knit and purl, adorable reminders to check gauge, a useful chapter about different/unusual fibres and what to do with… Read more
Finding Mr Rochester by Trisha Ashley
Finding Mr Rochester by Trisha Ashley
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This 60 page book is composed of a short story, some recipes and preview chapters of Ashley's next book; thus, only about 25 pages are the actual story, rendering it much shorter than you initially think.

I already own the preview chapters of Every Woman for Herself - they came with the ebook version of "Wish Upon a Star," which I'd previously bought and paid for - and have the book on pre-order. I saw that the product description clearly included preview chapters - I just didn't expect them to be half the content of a 0.99 book, so that I'm paying another 50p to read a piece of book that I've already paid for twice. I wasn't pleased with the experience, the content… Read more
Merrily Watkins collection 1: Midwinter of Spirit &hellip by Phil Rickman
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I'm on the ninth book of the Merrily Watkins series, and I'm still not entirely clear why this should be so. They're not necessarily what I'd usually pick up. But I've been on a kick of Atmospheric British Literature and I particularly like pagan twists, and this series is very much fitting my mood.

Luminous, golden, and laced with profanity, Rickman's writing choices are up my alley. He balances the sacred and profane pretty nicely, and I respect that. I can forgive the "Fast Paced Page Turner" style, which I usually hate, because I like his metaphors - the crouching buildings, the looming history, the sentient weather.

Minor annoyances:

1.) Evil… Read more