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Mool Deluxe Cat Scratching Tree/ Post Activity Cen&hellip by MOOL
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This is our third attempt at a scratching tree. Our three cats are quite large, but they aren't excessively active or vigorous. However, the previous two have ended up wrecked in fairly short order.

This one seems better. I suspect it's the fact that it's not too tall, and the middle platform is well supported, so none of the individual struts have too much load placed upon them. The different cats inevitably like different parts of it (the youngest likes the "baggy" platform, the boldest, oddly, likes hiding in the box), and their interest waxes and wanes. But this has done what we wanted it to more effectively than earlier trees.
Viral Marketing: The Science of Sharing by Karen Nelson-Field
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We've fiddled in our house with blogs and YouTube videos for some years, and have often wondered what it is about certain videos that captures peoples attention, and makes them "share-worthy" (while being thorough participants!). This hasn't just been because we wanted to grab people's attention ourselves, but also because the internet is just the latest platform for viral marketing, a phenomenon that has helped to make brands cool for decades (I'm sure we can all think of adverts and so on from when we were growing up that captured our attention and put their brands in the front of our heads).

This short but carefully researched book offers analysis of what it is that… Read more
The Private Blog of Joe Cowley by Ben Davis
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Joe Cowley is a modern day Adrian Mole - trying to deal with the realities of the early years of the 21st Century (texting, blogging and so on). However, whilst the book was good for a giggle, whereas Townsend's creation at least felt as though he was struggling to come to terms with a socially complex world, I was never really very convinced that Joe had an awful lot on his horizon beyond his own issues. That's not a bad thing in itself; there is a definite need for teenagers - especially perhaps boys, who frequently struggle with reading and apparently have few books directed towards them - to know that they are not "on their own", and that they can make it through. But it does… Read more

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