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There is so much to learn (and forget, unfortunately). I review as I enjoy it, but also to remind me of some the books, films, music that my grey cells may have misplaced.

Many. Now have time since retirement. Medicine, haematology and psychology degrees. Science, films, Hollywood musicals. Sport, fitness, , nutrition . Avid reader. All music, with a love of jazz from all eras but am open to anything new in any me… Read more


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The Unstoppable Keeper by Lutz Pfannenstiel
The Unstoppable Keeper by Lutz Pfannenstiel
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Goalkeepers are in a position that is beyond the superstardom of most interpretations of football other than to say they are essential. Nothing of the swaggery of the goal scorers, but the fans know who is in goal and who can save matches. Lutz's story encompasses glamour yet it unfolds all of the catches that he missed out on, not always on the field leading to drama. His idol was Ratko Svilov. What followed his infatuation led to this autobiography. It could have been subtitled 'Trials and Tribulations' as Lutz describes a global lifestyle that encompassed top class football clubs as well as the lowest class jails. All because he could not say 'no', even when his head said otherwise. He… Read more
The Adventure of the Dead Wild Bore: A Holmes and &hellip by Andrea Frazer
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4.0 out of 5 stars Homes and Garden, 28 Aug 2014
The private detective agency of Sherman Holmes and John Garden is thriving. A memorial to their namesakes in Quaker street leads to Andrea Frazer's trademark adventure. Introducing her characters lucidly, the incorporation of Sherlock Holmes's legacy causes riotous rifts in the association dedicated to the fictional detective, complicated by Garden being a transvestite. Questions of sexual orientation are rife amongst a bunch of bigots.

The inevitable murder adds fuel to the amateur sleuths and their temperamental discord. Andrea Frazer injects her typical style of comedy into the quandary amongst the cognoscenti. The results are full of humour and irony. 'Me? Go to a fish and… Read more
DECOY (Kindle Single) by Scott Mariani
DECOY (Kindle Single) by Scott Mariani
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4.0 out of 5 stars Tense Short Story, 27 Aug 2014
Kate has a child with a rare eyesight problem requiring expensive treatment beyond her pocket. Her friend, Hayley, suggests work as a decoy: exposing suspected marital cheats. The money is attractive but inevitably so are the clients. The suspense builds up to a crescendo finale, unusually rapid for a short account. A grand tale full of thrills.