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Hole Punch Plier Hand Tool for Leather Belt Band S&hellip by Super Deal Genie
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5.0 out of 5 stars Life Changing...., 30 July 2014
I kept on finding my trousers falling down.

Someone I know, well I say know, someone who approached me in the local supermarket frozen aisle, I say approached, the man who put me in cuffs, told me about these things called belts.

So I went and bought one. Unfortunately I'm quite skinny, my allergies and diet of pickled onion monster munch crisps see to that.

This time the police officer rescued me from the local ice skating rink, taking pity on my plight he told me about these hole punch things.

So I went and bought one. It really really works. I now have loads of holes in my belt, and my trousers haven't fallen down since. Much to the… Read more
Lipzor Light Device for Coldsores by Lipzor
If youíre expecting a miracle cure then Iím afraid youíre out of luck. To be honest where coldsores (or coleslaws as my daughter likes to refer to them) are concerned, well, put simply, there isnít anything that is going to cure them on the spot.

These devices however (I donít own this brand but they all do the same thing) are as good as itís going to get and save you a fortune in the long run (on creams/patches etc) this, however is on the proviso that you use it at the right time !!!

Iím one of the unlucky few who donít get the magic ďTingleĒ to let them know that the coldsore is on itís way. Oh no, he doesnít bother to ring in advance, he merely decides to just… Read more
LG G Watch - Black by LG Electronics
LG G Watch - Black by LG Electronics
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As a kid I used to watch Knight Rider and marvel in awe at how Michael Knight would talk to his watch to get his car to come to his aid and perform a whole manner of tricks, it seems Google was a fan of Knight Rider as well, soon enough you'll be able to talk to your watch and call your own self (actually missed the s off original and it said "Elf" driving car, which actually sounds much more fun) driving car to your aid.

The LG G Watch is the first (well joint first along with the Samsung) in a new line of Android Wearables. This, apparently, is the dawning of a new wearable era. Google is putting a lot of weight behind the "Android Wear" platform, whether that makes it a… Read more

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