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Chef [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Jon Favreau
Chef [DVD] DVD ~ Jon Favreau
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"Chef" is a slight but enjoyable comedy written and directed by (and starring) Jon Favreau. He plays Carl Casper, who is head chef in a restaurant in LA. He lives and breathes food and cooking but he follows the advice of the owner and plays it safe with the menu when a prominent critic visits the restaurant. He receives a very critical review and responds via Twitter. This in turn leads to a public shouting match with the critic going viral on social media.Feeling humiliated and frustrated he quits his job.

To cheer him up his ex-wife (Sofia Vergara) invites him on a trip with their son to Miami, the city where he fell in love with food. She also arranges a meeting that… Read more
The Two Faces Of January [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Viggo Mortensen
The Two Faces Of January [DVD] DVD ~ Viggo Mortensen
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"The Two Faces of January" is a decent but not outstanding thriller.
Oscar Isaac plays Rydal, a well educated American making a living as a guide in Athens. As a lucrative sideline he also fleeces unsuspecting tourists that he changes money for. He meets an American couple, Collette and Chester,(Mortensen and Dunst) and they ask him to be their guide for a few days. They get on well. He is attracted to the Collette, who is closer to Rydal's age than to her husband's . The night before they leave Athens they say their goodbyes but Rydal goes back to their hotel to return a forgotten bracelet. What he sees there will change all their lives for ever. It turns out that that Chester had… Read more
A Man's Head: Inspector Maigret #9 by Georges Simenon
This was the first Maigret novel I read and I enjoyed it a lot. Maigret is one of the great creations of crime fiction. He is the ultimate career policeman, obsessive, routinely rude to colleagues and strangers but with an ability to read people that always leads him to catching the perpetrator.

In "A Man's Head" he puts his career at risk where he suspects the wrong man has been convicted of a murder. Simenon brilliantly describes Maigret's encounters with the other characters, including a fascinating villain nearly as brilliant as Maigret himself!

Some parts of the plot move the story on a perhaps too conveniently but this doesn't really take away from a short but… Read more