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Integral Noir 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive by Integral
I hunted around for a USB stick that was cheap in the 64GB range. This is precisely that. The fact that it is USB 3.0 is basically a bonus to me.

I have both USB3 and USB2 sockets available on my computer. In either socket, I saw write speeds around 25MB/sec, which, as far as USB sticks go, is pretty good. My previous stick managed a paltry 7MB/sec.

The differences can be seen in the read speeds. In a USB2 socket, it maxed out at about 59MB/sec (basically saturated the available bandwidth). In the USB3 socket, that increased to about 80MB/sec. That's pretty good, especially at the prices this product is advertised at.

Obviously, these speeds are for large… Read more
The Newsroom - Season 1 [DVD] [2013] <b>DVD</b> ~ Jeff Daniels
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I think my view of "The Newsroom" is chequered by having already watched "The West Wing", which is one of my all-time favourite TV shows. If you are in that position with me, be prepared to both love and loathe "The Newsroom".

First of all, "The West Wing" was my first real introduction to Aaron Sorkin's work. Therefore, at the time his manner of writing was fresh and new to me. "The Newsroom" suffers the misfortune of having a predecessor to be compared with. It is instantly recognisable as a Sorkin piece:

* Should I repeat a statement to make it seem more important? Should I repeat a statement to make it seem more important?

* The main protagonist has… Read more
Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series [Blu-ray&hellip <b>Blu-ray</b> ~ Edward James Olmos
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I don't think it does much good giving this (or any TV show) a 'definitive' ranking. That sort of thing is thoroughly subjective. However, in a broad stroke sort of way, I think it is within the scope of any review to comfortably say that this is a brilliant TV series worthy of my more general claim that BSG 2003 is a top 3 sci-fi show and overall sits inside the top 20 of TV dramas as a whole.

First of all, don't come here expecting the 70s airy-fairy original. I remember laughing with incredulity at the re-runs when I caught them on TV as a child. If it's stretching a 10-year old's imagination to breaking point, it probably isn't the best. No, this is the grown-up's version. In… Read more

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