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The Actors [DVD] [2003] <b>DVD</b> ~ Michael Caine
The Actors [DVD] [2003] DVD ~ Michael Caine
4.0 out of 5 stars Good film, 27 April 2009
I am surprised that reviewers have taken this film so seriously! The point of Michael Caine's character is that he is inept (the play he is in and directing is meant to be awful, and tasteless too) Therefore is it not surprising that the disguises are poor, they are meant to be surely bearing in mind in the play both Caine and Moran do their own makeup, such as it it is. Michael Caine as a woman is a nod to his part in Dressed to Kill, and he was none too convincing as a woman in that either! I think Michael Gambon is very funny, overacting like mad, as if trying to outdo Caine! Sure there are plenty of plotholes, but I think this is a funny feelgood film and taken at face value is very… Read more

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