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Three Year Rule (The Rule Series Book 1) by Alaina Stanford
4.0 out of 5 stars Truthfully? Hated it., 26 May 2014
Okay, I admit that saying I hated it was a little over-dramatic, because in all truth, it was actually a pretty good book. But what threw me was, I've gotta say, the beginning, where Elizabeth just jumps (albeit, DRUNKENLY jumps) into Joshua's bed after knowing him for, what, a couple of hours???? And the other thing was their agreement after said drunken bed jumping. I'm sorry, but it just seems so, so unrealistic, doesn't it??? But I still loved Joshua and Elizabeth - both great people with big hearts and likeable personalities!!!! Oh, and I loved Amy and Randy, too - they were so cute!!!!

Aside from that, however, the book was actually pretty good, and I recommend it strongly… Read more
Forgetting How to Breathe by Michelle Watson
Forgetting How to Breathe by Michelle Watson
1.0 out of 5 stars WHAT THE HELL????????, 7 May 2014
Okay, was it just me or does everything in this book seem . . . Dysfunctional? Like, Teodor's messed the f*** up, Rain's a bitch, Loyal's weird, and Nathan, too, is just plain f***ed. What is wrong with all these people? Am I wrong or was Nathan gay? Nothing wrong with that if he was, but damn, isn't he supposed to love Rain? What the he'll WAS up with the Teo/Nate/Cupcake situation??? It was just plain weird. And do not get me started on Rain's sluttiness. Bon was an amazing person, and then she just went and slept with every guy in sight??????? I don't understand it. I hated the vast majority of these people, and if you're at all normal, you will, too.
XOXO, Benji.
Save Me (Novel) by John Meany
Save Me (Novel) by John Meany
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1.0 out of 5 stars ABSOLUTELY A.W.F.U.L., 16 April 2014
Everything about this book is horrendous - no offence intended, but it really is. It had good potential, and with better writing, it might have been good, but it just . . . Wasn't. The sentence structure was so bad it was almost painful, full names kept bring used when there was absolutely no need (for example, "Maybe Adam and Claire Whittaker were wrong". We already knew Claire!!!!! Why use her full name!!!!!!), and even the way people spoke was weird and unrealistic. Descriptions were weak and unclear, and . . . Gosh, it was all just DULL and BORING and oh, so DRAB!!!!!!! I don't mean to sound unfair or anything, but truthfully? I hated every single aspect of this book. Sorry, but it's… Read more

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