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Toni V. Sweeney was born in Georgia, raised her son and five poodles in Nebraska, and now plays with her grandchildren in California. A college graduate with a degree in English Literature, Art, and Drama, she trained for 13 years as a dancer and had made her first professional appearance in a dance troop when she was involved in a devastating automobile accident that ended any future hopes of a … Read more

I like science fiction, fantasy, horror, mysteries. I've been a member of the Science Fiction and Mystery Books Clubs since I was a sophomore in college and at one time owned a thousand books. Presently, I am alternating between reading Book Five o… Read more


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Hostage of the Heart by Linda Acaster
Hostage of the Heart by Linda Acaster
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Dena is a young Saxon noblewoman, come to live with her uncle Edwulf after her father, his estranged brother, dies. She doesn't fit in very well at her uncle's manor; both he and his wife Ethelin have aspirations of grandeur and are 11th century social climbers, so where in her former home, Dena would have felt at ease with the farmers and servants tending her father's house, here, she is forbidden to fraternize with those "beneath her station." At the present, Edwulf is away, helping King Edward guard his shores from the attacking Norwegians. With the estate left relatively unprotected, Gwylan, the Welsh warrior whose lands Edwulf had confiscated, decides to take back his property. In… Read more
Torc of Moonlight (Book One) by Linda Acaster
Torc of Moonlight (Book One) by Linda Acaster
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Is it reincarnation, possession, or insanity? Those are the choices for 19-year-old Nicholas Blaketon when he meets the ethereal, virginal red-haired Alice Linwood. An American Studies major at an English university, Nick is injured in a rugby practice, and can't remember anything of the previous 24-hours except History major Alice and he's in for a drubbing by his mates because of that. It's not the only injury he'll receive in a very short time, either, but to Nick, nothing matters, except that he get to know Alice better. He can't explain it but when he's with her odd, almost magical, things happen; he's literally transported and transformed, in this Time but another as well and… Read more
Beneath The Shining Mountains by Linda Acaster
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5.0 out of 5 stars A Gem of a Story, 25 Feb 2011
The time is the late 1830's; the place what is now Wyoming and Montana; the people the Apsaroke. Moon Hawk is a young woman ready for marriage but she doesn't want to marry just any of the young men of her tribe. She has a special husband in mind...Winter Man, the bravest, most handsome of them all. Unfortunately, Winter Man has many lovers and isn't about to give up his freedom to settle down with just one woman. So Moon Hawk, aided by her mother, Little Face, conspires to make the elusive young man fall in love with her. And so begins a game of give-as-good-as-gets. No matter what she does, no matter to enticements, it doesn't seem to work. Winter Man isn't about to be railroaded… Read more