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As a kid I always wondered who was the boring guy who read non-fiction. Turned out to be me, not that I'm boring. However finding good history books that aren't on the Romans or World War 2 is hard but I've got some reviews and a list up that should help guide like minded individuals.



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Bloody British History: Plymouth (Bloody History) by Laura Quigley
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5.0 out of 5 stars All killer...no filler, 21 Oct 2013
This takes you on a whirlwind tour from the stone age into the 20th century of this important English port. The book is dripping in illustrations and photos so is a really easy and enjoyable commuter read. As it's about a place rather than time or person, all the info is therefore in easily digestible chunks perfect for that time on the train going to work.

If you are looking for an in-depth social history of the South Coast of England you will be disappointed as this book (as the title suggests) focuses in on war, prison, slavery, pirates, ship wrecks and pretty much everything else that makes a good history book interesting.
The Devil Comes to Dartmoor: The Haunting True Sto&hellip by Laura Quigley
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5.0 out of 5 stars Bloody good fun, 21 Oct 2013
This is the story of Mary Howard and how she probably didn't murder ALL of her four husbands...just some of them. I am a big fan of books that deliberately go out of their way to highlight people who don't get a lot written about them (do we NEED more books on Hitler or Henry VIII?).

Mary is a great story full of plague, scheming and lace. While the documentation on Mary can't sustain an entire book, all the back story, setting and other swirling affairs of England in the 17th century merely add to the body count and it's quite remarkable how many aristocrats seemed to have serious gambling and drinking problems- seriously, it seems to have been endemic.

Mary is even… Read more
The Popes: A History by Viscount John Julius Norwich
The Popes: A History by Viscount John Julius Norwich
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A while ago I read "Saints & Sinners" which was a history of the Papacy written by a Catholic. It was interesting, but all too often refused to mention anything negative and to do a proper history of the Holy See you have to accept that for every Gregory the Great you have someone underwhelming like Benedict IX. No one but the most myopic believer can seriously believe the medieval papacy was whiter than white, some Popes bought their position, many had a string of mistresses and others led armies- the muddling of spiritual and temporal matters led to corruption that simply cannot be whitewashed away.

But to write exclusively on the dark politics of the Papacy would be just as… Read more

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