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Theosophy: A Modern Expression of the Wisdom of th&hellip by Robert S. Ellwood
At first glance, Theosophy may appear to outsiders as a little-heard-of and obscure movement and teachings which harks back all to often to its 19th Century origins (The Theosophical Society was founded by HS Olcott and Madame Blavatsky in 1875). But no readers, the motto of Theosophy is 'there is no religion higher than Truth' and that Truth embraces all men and women of good will, whatever background or nationality. The Theosophical Society laid much of the groundwork for the emergence of the New Age movement in the second half of the Twentieth Century and played a major role in the early Indian independence movement (Annie Besant, a former TS President, was an enthusiastic advocate). It… Read more
THE FREEMASONS. by Jeremy. Harwood
THE FREEMASONS. by Jeremy. Harwood
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Richly illustrated and well-written introduction to the 'secret' world of the Masons. I use 'secrets' in inverted commas because Freemasonry is actually pretty open about its role and purpose; nowaday predominantly charitable and sociable. Yes, it has secrets it maintains but then, couldn't you say the same about student fraternities in the US for example? Anyway, this book avoids all the cliches and gets down to business. It describes the Three Degrees, the rich Masonic symbolism as well as looks at the architecture of Masonic Lodges. A rare example of a well-balanced account, wisely avoiding the usual conspiracy theory claptrap throughout, accessible to Mason or non-Mason alike.
A Blueprint for Survival (Penguin Specials) by Edward Goldsmith
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'A Blueprint for Survival' published as a paperback way back in 1972, is the closest the Green Party of England and Wales has to a birth certificate. It stimulated considerable debate and controversy over it's no-holds barreled environmental message and it's ideas and leading promoter (Edward Goldsmith of 'The Ecologist' magazine) greatly contributed to the founding of PEOPLE, later the British Ecology Party and eventually the Green Party of England and Wales. A book to read and reflect on...