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As requests from self-published authors happen, despite this disclaimer, on an almost daily basis, I am unable even to reply with the information above, to explain why, with regret, I can't re… Read more

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Bodies of Light by Sarah Moss
Bodies of Light by Sarah Moss
I'm at a loss to know where to start to adequately praise this excellent, layered novel from Sarah Moss, who has the stunning ability to write novels `about deep and complex stuff' , engage with both the heart and the head, create real, properly dimensional, complex characters, write beautifully and unindulgently, and do all this within the discipline of a pacey narrative drive

Moss's territory is the complex lives of girls and women, caught between their own personal identity, their calling, vocation and creativity, and the counter-pull, whether of a society which limits and curtails women, or the counter-pull imposed by the biology of mothering and the fierce demands of… Read more
Karrimor 2 Bottle Belt[Black/Pink] Karrimor
I'm delighted with this excellent idea. I don't like holding things in my hands whilst running as I'm aware that the tension in the muscles of the hand held in contraction as it holds a bottle, radiates up into the muscles of the forearm and upper arm. Not to mention that holding ONE bottle means unequal tension and holding two, for balance, seems excessive.

Sure, these are tiny bottles, 170 cl each, but that is just fine for my needs when doing timed runs on a run-walk programme when the short walk sections are not by the drinking taps, where I run

There is also a less girly pink version in yellow - tops of the bottles are coloured. I just didn't like the shade of… Read more
Clara by Janice Galloway
Clara by Janice Galloway
Janice Galloway's Clara, a biography as fiction of Clara Schumann, born Clara Wieck, pianist and composer, who married Robert Schumann and bore him 8 children, was something of a struggle, for many right reasons, but also, perhaps, a victim of its attempt to write from both an objective perspective, and from a within the mind of both Robert and Clara. Robert Schumann suffered episodes of extreme mental disorder, most possibly bipolar disorder, as his diagnosis at the time recorded periods of extreme and prolonged `melancholia' followed by periodic attacks of `exaltation'. This means that writing `within his mind' becomes remarkably confusing, distressing and jumbled at times… Read more