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"The 2 Bear"
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81stgeneration Celtic Norse thorn hammer amulet bo&hellip 81stgeneration
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This is a very attractive Thor's hammer pendant, the picture above doesn't really do the pendant justice. I've only seen bone carved Thor Hammer pendants available from one other online retailer and in my opinion they weren't as well carved or intricate as this one. This is an unusual pendant as those who have shopped for these before will know that the vast majority out there are pewter, lots are silver and bronze, bone I have very seldom seen.
I will point out that this pendant doesn't come with a cord/chain etc. and the top of the hammer has a 2mm hole drilled through it so you'll have to get one seperately, I bought a 2mm natural leather thong which goes really well with the… Read more
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Game of the Year &hellip by Ubisoft
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This is easily one of the best games I have ever played. I wouldn't normally touch this sort of game with a partically long pole, but decided to give it a chance. It gets the balance between action and role-playing just right. Once you get your head around the slightly complexed leveling up system (best learnt by jumping into the game and working it out as you go along, It'll all suddenly seem so clear)you'll be hooked. Unlike World Of Warcraft it doesn't take 50 hours to get to the point when you finally feel upto taking on that deadly mudcrab. There is a remarkable amount of quests and side quests & the Game of The Year Edition includes the Shivering Isles expansion which has around 15… Read more
Star Wars: Force Unleashed (the Novel) by Sean Williams
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This is novel based on a game and it shows. The story moves along quite nicely however the book feels like a series of action scenes strung together. The brief interludes between the sadly rushed action scenes add new dimensions to the characters and reveal more of their motives etc. These are well written and the reason this book receives three stars. To fans of the Expanded Universe and the more dedicated fans this book will frustrate with its disregard to the saga's key story of the chosen one/Anakin being the strongest force user ever(especially when StarKiller displays his full power in the penultimate scene).Like the game this book is based on, it is a missed opportunity.