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Loveless: v. 5 (Loveless (Tokyopop)) by Yun Kouga
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Having been through a bit of philosophical exploration in volume 4, Yun Kouga now picks up the pace, and pushes along the plot of "Loveless". Ritsuka, determined to find out why Seimei was killed, chooses to skip school, and try to sleep all day so he can meet up with the representative of Septimal Moon at night. But the meeting raises further questions, and it's beginning to look as though there was more to Seimei's death than first meets the eye.

This episode of the "Loveless" series winds up largely being about identity, trust and truth, and the intersection of all of these. Identity has always been a strong theme in the "Loveless" storyline, pointed most clearly by the… Read more
Loveless: v. 4 (Loveless (Tokyopop)) by Yun Kouga
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In this volume, we finally learn more about what makes the fighter/sacrifice duology tick, and Ritsuka finally gets a hint of what Soubi is expecting of him. We also get the first hints that the fate of Seimei may not have been as clear-cut as everyone believes.

The amount of time covered in this volume of the "Loveless" story is short - barely twenty-four hours - but the amount of territory it explores is massive. It is probably one of the more crucial volumes in the "Loveless" storyline, since it manages to cover such a lot of philosophical and metaphysical ground. We get a good look at some of the formerly shadowy figures in the background of the world of "Loveless" - in… Read more
Loveless Volume 1 (Loveless (Tokyopop)) by Yun Kouga
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The story opens as we're introduced to Ritsuka Aoyagi, transferring into his new school. But there's something strange about Ritsuka. He suffered a strange episode a couple of years ago, where his personality completely changed; and recently his elder brother was murdered. Both big changes for a young child of twelve - but he seems to be just fine; a bit antisocial, a bit precocious, but otherwise pretty normal.

At the end of his first day at school, however, Ritsuka runs into his brother's unexpected legacy - a man named Soubi Agatsuma, who says he belongs to Ritsuka, and describes himself as a weapon. Although he doesn't suspect it, Ritsuka has been pulled into a parallel… Read more

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