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I am a specialist in addiction, weight loss, health & wellbeing and better relationships... I have a particular slant because I am looking for one sentence to justify the cover price and I will encourage you to buy the book. That's it - there are many different types of reviewers - I happen to be one that is grateful for the opportunity to have access to all this wonderful knowledge, to learn and to share what may be a life changing snippet of knowledge...
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What if hypnosis was real...

Learning "how to get better" at "getting better"...


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Voice, The by Dr. Brian Alman
Voice, The by Dr. Brian Alman
What was causing my pain??
"Me" is the not the answer most people expect to hear - or even want to hear...
However, learning how to "get better" is normally a very interesting and unusual journey for anyone who suffers from ongoing acute and chronic pain - whether that be physical or emotional.
The voice is a users manual on creating a healthier and more user friendly relationship with yourself by discovering and nurturing your own "inner voice".
This isn't as simple as it sounds - and there's usually more than one voice - what most people experience is a highly unhelpful critical voice - and yet we also have a helpful healing voice - if only we could create the… Read more
Your Body Revival: Weight Loss Straight Talk by Mike Nichols
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Great book and wonderful free resources from Dave's website. I'm reading more and more nutrition related stuff from the world of bodybuilding and weight lifting because low fat / low calorie doesn't seem to work for the majority of people and I keep hearing the same message. Eat for strength and learn how to use your muscles on a daily basis. There's a great chapter on "Boring Menu's" and Dave explains in some detail how helpful learning how to record, measure and tweak your own personalised standard balanced menu will be in healthy weight loss. This book also has a great list of 38 core exercises to learn on your journey to wellness and is also written in a very direct, down to earth style… Read more
The One Thing: The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behin&hellip by Gary Keller
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This is a very well written book that has the ability to change your life for the better - very quickly...

One thing is "real" and extremely helpful in explaining the "how to" create a strategy for success.

I took this book away with me for a couple of weeks on my summer holiday and read it 3 or 4 times because I'm in the middle of a process that needed me to choose "one thing" above all others and it helped - a lot...

As most people find out - to their detriment - staying focused on one thing is not as straight forward as it seems - multitasking is an illusion - and the authors have a lovely way of telling their story in a way that is both engaging and… Read more

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