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Hardwired by Walter Jon Williams
Hardwired by Walter Jon Williams
and I found it on my occasional trawls to see if I have missed any of what is a very small area of Cyberpunk literature.

It does have human augmentation, advanced technologies, shadowy near orbit based corporations, mentions of the Net and private mercenary security outfits but for me it was too far removed from near future to compete with Gibson.

Rock wars in the form of asteroids flung at Earth by the orbit based corporations to subjugate Earth, America annexed and normal and black markets controlled by the corporations for their own ends.

Panzerboys making East to West coast runs in vehicles straight out of Car Wars to transport contraband for the… Read more
The Autobiography of FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper by Scott Frost
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and I found it quite dull although a quick read.

At 226 pages the entries are diarised, somewhat like Adrian Mole, but into Coop's tape recorder rather than written down. This means that you can read quickly through it as they are in most instances short and there is a lot of page space inbetween.

It covers the period between Christmas 1967 when Coop gets his first recorder at 13 to February 24th in the early 90s with the last entry being the reference to Laura Palmer's murder.

And ultimately it was rather uninteresting to me as a whole. The first 150 pages covering from 13 to when he leaves college could of been any fictional character and I just didn't… Read more
Hamster Napper 16cm/13cm by Trixie
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1.0 out of 5 stars Shredded in days, 27 Oct 2013
as my hamster doesn't seem to understand its use.

He has been in it and proceeded to claw and chew at it until the stuffing was coming out and it had holes in it.

Which after doing some more research on hamsters as it is my first, scared me witless that he might choke on or swallow the filling that could kill him. At best I envisaged a trip to the vets at many multiples of what the bed cost.

After this I took it away and have disposed of it.

There is nothing actually wrong with the item, it was well made, it just isn't of any use to me and I have given him shredded cardboard that he seems happy enough nesting in and cannot choke on.

As… Read more

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