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Still Dreamin' Wild: The Lost Recordings 1979 - 81 ~ Donnie and Joe Emerson
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4.0 out of 5 stars A Dream Worth Dreamin', 29 July 2014
Over 30 years after the release of their one and only album, Donnie & Joe Emerson finally tasted success when Light in the Attic re-issued it a couple of years ago. This new collection from LITA features a further 12 songs they recorded in their $100,000 studio that their father financed by mortgaging most of his farm land. Initially I didn't have much interest in this album - lost songs are normally lost for a reason i.e. they're not very good - but when I saw it on the shelves in HMV I was reminded just how much I enjoyed Dreamin' Wild and took a punt. And I'm glad I did. Much like Dreamin' Wild this is mostly a Donnie… Read more
Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker by Aerobie AeroPress
Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker by Aerobie AeroPress
This will be the best £25 I'll spend all year and I wish I'd taken the 'plunge' earlier. Simply put, this is the quickest, cleanest, easiest and best way to make coffee. The is no residue in your cup like you get with a cafetiere, just the smooth and full-bodied taste of coffee. It's such a simple but clever way of getting the full flavour from your coffee. It's also a very clean method - just eject the spent coffee and filter straight into the bin.

I've found that I achieve the best tasting coffee using the "inverted" method - check out the videos on YouTube to see how it works. Finally, don't be put off by the size. It compacts to about the same size as single cup… Read more
Breett 8000mah Power Bank, Slim Dual Ports Li-poly&hellip by Breett
Lightweight (190g) and not much bigger than a smart phone, this power bank takes approximately 8 hours to charge from empty using a USB-Micro USB lead (included) and has enough power to charge an iPad to 70% from empty or an iPhone twice over. It has two output USB sockets - 1Amp (for smart phones) and 2.1Amp (for tablets and smart phones) and it charged both my iPad and iPhone simultaneously.

Made from a rubber/plastic hybrid material it's great for carrying around in the event that your device's power starts running low. It's has four lights on the front (25%, 50%, 75% & 100%) that indicate how much power it has and these are very useful when both charging and discharging… Read more