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The Lord of the Rings: The Motion Picture Trilogy &hellip <b>Blu-ray</b> ~ Elijah Wood
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Forget the whining and the moaning. Forget it all.

Yes, we could have done with JUST the films on Blu-ray and not all the same extras, but we have them and that's that.
Yes some of the green-blue colour change/darkening in "Fellowship" seems overdone in in certain scenes or details, but most of the time these changes are in fact a vast improvement in picture quality and general aesthetics.

And quite frankly the most important thing is simply this...do the Blu-rays offer up a stunning looking, major upgrade from DVD, transfer?
And the answer is a huge and mighty OH YES!

All the films look truly stunning in the sheer amount of extra detail they… Read more
Redacted [Blu-ray] <b>Blu-ray</b> ~ Patrick Carroll
Redacted [Blu-ray] Blu-ray ~ Patrick Carroll
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The once mighty DePalma turns traitor and decides to, during the height of the war, to make a foul piece of enemy propaganda.
Hitler would have loved Allied cinema to vomit out filth like this during WW2.

There is also a difference between individual wrongs that might occur during a war (wrongs classed as wrongs I might add) and the common, every day, atrocity the enemy carries out as part of their normal, basic, way of fighting.
To compare individual wrongs of western troops to the everyday atrocity of the fanatic enemy is also a disgrace.

This is like making a huge movie about rare individual acts by The Allies while fighting the Japanese whilst ignoring… Read more
Worried About The Boy  - Limited Edition DVD & CD <b>DVD</b> ~ Douglas Booth
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So the cheap, stingy, to hell with the people who fund it, BBC can't be bothered to pay for what turned out to be an utterly essential song-based score thus robbing the film of its atmosphere and butchering the aesthetic of so many scenes.

Remember when George got angry at hearing Steve Strange's "Fade to Grey" on the radio? Hard to do that when on the DVD the song is now missing.
Remember that lovely and superbly crafted seduction scene on the bed, perfectly scored by Hazel O'Connor's "Will You"...a great song that truly made the scene? Well no "Will You" remains on DVD.
Remember all those great tracks in the club? No more. All gone. No Bowie, no Kraftwerk, no… Read more

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