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Since a child I have always loved reading, a past time that has thankfully stayed with me. With television, cinema and computer games it is nice to know that you still can't beat a good book.

Amongst music, films and theatre I also have an interest in history - predominantly social history. My first love has always been in books, with a keen interest in 19th Century literature. I also have a predilection for gothic and sensation novels,… Read more

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Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula Foot Magic 60g by Palmers
5.0 out of 5 stars Smooth Feet, 22 July 2014
I will point out that if you have really hard skin on your feet this will not be an overnight sensation, so please donít expect miracles. Of course if you donít have much hard skin then the results will be that much faster. You will notice though as you apply this to the soles of your feet that they will feel a bit smoother and a bit greasy from the very beginning.

Palmerís have been making products for I donít know how many years now, and they have got a reputation for being effective, so this is a name that you can trust. This obviously contains the cocoa seed butter that is the best known ingredient of their products, but also you have mango seed butter and vitamin E… Read more
Cow Go Bang!: A cartoon collection of Cows by Lond&hellip by Bill Greenhead
1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
4.0 out of 5 stars Chewing The Cud, 22 July 2014
I should point out that these cartoons are for adults as they contain more mature type humour, so please donít download this for your children. There is a lot of scatological humour here so if that offends, then look away. Best viewed on a tablet device you get on average two illustrations to a page, all in colour.

Mainly centred around cows there are a few other types in here as well, after all where there are cows there are flies, due to the amount of dung produced. There are a few sheep jokes here as well, and you will never look at Lady Gaga in the same way again when you see her sheep equivalent. Most of the pieces here are single frame, except for when you come to ĎDung… Read more
The Man Who Went Up in Smoke (The Martin Beck seri&hellip by Maj Sjowall
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Husband and wife team Per Wahloo (who is now no longer with us) and Maj Sjowall penned the Martin Beck crime series, and in the process they are often thought of as the godparents of modern Scandinavian crime fiction, but really they are more than that. By the time they started writing police procedurals had been around for a long time, but where the Martin Beck series is different is the way in which the stories were told. Beck isnít the greatest policeman ever, and knows it; he is just a normal copper doing his job. He doesnít wok by himself, he is part of a team, and it shows as others do some of the investigating as well. Although by the last novel I believe he is divorced this book… Read more