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The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings - Enhanced Editi&hellip by Namco Bandai
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Wow!! What can I say?

The game is excellent. I was a bit hesitant at first due to the not 100% positive feedback and also due to the fact that I have previously bought just about every console fantasy themed rpg that is on the market looking for something to follow the likes of Zelda (from back in the days of N64), Skyrim & Fable. I have bought all the other games such as Dragon Age II, Kingdoms of Amular, Two Worlds II etc and found them all boring as hell and such a total let down. Too much goes into character "classes" and not enough on graphics, animation, the mechanics and game play. I find they are usually just roaming around a fairly repetitive landscape whilst being… Read more
Fable III (Xbox 360) by Microsoft
Fable III (Xbox 360) by Microsoft
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Regardless of what many others say, I really liked the game. It was one of those games that when you first play it, you get hooked and play it solid for the first days you get it. The main story line I felt was great and the the way you are taken into a new but run down Albion is excellent. The characters in the game such as your butler (voice wonderfully done by by John Cleese), the king, Reever etc were all very well created. The trouble came as the end of the game came as a dramatic surprise with no warning. The outcome left many people annoyed as had they known they would have transferred funds from their own in game vault *

*(A warning here without trying to spoil it. Build… Read more
Rage: Anarchy Edition (Xbox 360) by Bethesda
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This game is an absolute must for the price it is now available for. It was not a cheap budget game by an inexperienced team trying to break through. It was made by the same team that has brought us Doom & Quake.

I think the biggest reason that this game got overlooked is because as soon as people saw Bethesda on the label they mistook as being comparative to Fallout which it isn't. Fallout is an futuristic rpg set in a post-nuclear world and the feeling is supposed to be slower and have a darker element. This game however is not post-nuclear but rather a world that has been hit by an asteroid. It still has the technology and health of the previous world, just without the… Read more