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John Austin
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Music fascinated me from an early age. My favourite piece of furniture was a large wind up gramophone. As soon as I was old enough to wind it up,I would play my father's Caruso and Galli-Curci records, often at varying speeds, extending my little arm as far into the gramophone as it would go in the hope that I might grasp the singer.

Music and reading have continued to be two of my passions… Read more


Top Reviewer Ranking: 966 - Total Helpful Votes: 4892 of 5252
Bottoms Up! [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Jimmy Edwards
Bottoms Up! [DVD] DVD ~ Jimmy Edwards
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As a retired gown-wearing schoolmaster, I can report that headmasters never behave like the blustering, conniving Professor Jimmy Edwards does here, and students are never capable of mounting the kind of armed offensive his behaviour provokes.

It is indeed a farce, as its titillating (for the times) title suggests, tailor-made for Jimmy Edwards, and evolving from a popular radio sitcom. Frank Muir and Dennis Norden ensure that the script crackles with wit and donnish humour.

Sound and visual quality are excellent but there are no subtitles.
The Constant Nymph [DVD] [1943] [Region 1] [US Imp&hellip <b>DVD</b> ~ Charles Boyer
"The Constant Nymph" appeared as a novel in 1924 by Margaret Kennedy. She made a play adaptation two years later, and film versions appeared in 1928, 1933, and this one in 1943.

Under the terms of Margaret Kennedy's will, the film was banned from public screenings after its initial run, and it only now gets its first DVD release, nearly 70 years later. As one who saw it as a youngster and has now seen it again I make the following comments: -

The plot touches on elements that seem dated, theatrical, even melodramatic. A composer can live in a palatial home with sweeping staircases and street-wide entrance halls. His "great work" is performed by large orchestral and… Read more
The Chiltern Hundreds [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Cecil Parker
The Chiltern Hundreds [DVD] DVD ~ Cecil Parker
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A richly-entertaining satire, “The Chiltern Hundreds” began it life as a play (The Play that Made a Million People Laugh) in 1947 by William Douglas Home. A politician himself as well as playwright, he was a brother to British prime minister Sir Alec Douglas-Home.

As a film, it appeared in 1949, with several of the original cast reprising their roles. It gently mocks many things English: odd electoral systems, class divisions, maintaining stately homes, and garden parties. Involved in all of them is Lord Lister (A E Matthews), a classic British eccentric who claims “all my family are absent-minded, except me” and takes pot shots through the French windows at the rabbits that… Read more

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