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Rollercoaster Tycoon 3: Gold Edition (PC CD) by Namco Bandai
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Having been a long-time fan of the old Theme Park games, I'd oddly never given any of the RCT's a try before, until I was berated thoroughly by some friends for this failing. I figured I might as well dive straight in at the most recent entry, and at first, all was not well...

Being completely new, the interface at first was overwhelming. I completed the tutorials but still found myself getting lost with so much to deal with, and ended up leaving the game after a few hours.

Soon enough though, I felt the clarion call of the game pulling me back, and this time found myself maddeningly addicted. After a while spent with the game you learn to recognise things such as… Read more
GameCube 251 Slot Memory Card (GameCube) by Nintendo Games
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Long years of gaming have taught me the hard way: there's nothing like official merchandise. With a controller this seems more obvious (3rd party are never as comfy), but with a memory card it's just as important, if not more so. A memory card is an *essential* item; without it, you can't save games, so it's not a question of "if" you should buy one, nor even "when", just which one, and I can't emphasise it enough: get a Nintendo one. I've had a multitude of problems with 3rd party memory cards in the past, and losing a completed save game, or one you're playing through, can be heartbreaking, and put you off ever finishing a game.
The 2 Nintendo ones are the 59 block card and this 251… Read more
Metroid Prime (GameCube) by Nintendo
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First and foremost, this game is not a shoot 'em up. Yes, yes, I KNOW that's what it looks like, it does have nasty gribblies trying to eat your face (literally, in the case of the metroids) and yes you get many guns to shoot stuff with. But it's not a shoot 'em up. No sir.
Metroid Prime, is, without doubt, an adventure game. You run through killing stuff till you get lost. You look at your map for where you haven't been yet. You go there and find something new, and instantly remember a dozen cases where this power-up could be used. Not shoot 'em up. Adventure.
Probably the easiest way to describe the way this works would be a first-person Zelda - although with the obvious… Read more

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