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How I Spent My Summer Vacation [Blu-ray] <b>Blu-ray</b> ~ Mel Gibson
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I was tempted to say amazing return to form from Mel Gibson but to be honest i don't think he ever lost his form.
If you are looking for a slightly different action movie with a good storyline,good characters and full of well shot action set pieces i would recommend this one...Mel sparkles as the career criminal locked inside a mexican jail and the blu ray picture and sound add to the atmosphere.
I did agree with one comment i saw about the movie that it is kind of a follow up to Gibson's other film Paybackas both characters are very close and the film follows a similar style....
Hope he keeps making more films like this........
Dead or Alive (Jack Ryan Jr 2) by Tom Clancy
2.0 out of 5 stars What Happened, 20 Dec 2012
First let me say i have been enjoying Clancy books for years and have read every one of his Jack Ryan stories (i even made it through the terrible mess that was Teeth of the Tiger) and enjoyed them very much.
I started the book with an open mind given the fact it was co-written but thought i would give it a try and see where Ryan Sr is these days.
The first thing i noticed was it was not written in the usual style that i have come to associate with Clancy books..Not badly written just not his style.
Secondly the dialogue between character ranges from "yo cuz".."ain't that the truth my man" etc etc grates a bit after a while
Perhaps the most unforgivable thing for me… Read more
Worst Case: (Michael Bennett 3) by James Patterson
Worst Case: (Michael Bennett 3) by James Patterson
I have never written a book and the reason for that is because i think it would be exactly like this one,bad dialogue,poor plot and full of every cop cliche in the book...
I read the first two books in the series and i enjoyed them,i knew that Patterson didn't write every word and that at best they are good holiday reading but i couldn't even finsih this one.
Maybe it is my fault having come off reading a Tom Clancy novel where he fits as many words onto the poage as he possibly can,here the authors seem to try to fit as little on a page as possible,pages start half way down and it really should be placed in the oversized novels section the words are that large.
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