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The LEGO Movie <b>Amazon Instant Video</b> ~ Chris Pratt
The LEGO Movie Amazon Instant Video ~ Chris Pratt
5.0 out of 5 stars A Triumph!!, 22 July 2014
Two things that are very very hard to come by,a decent horror film & even more so a decent comedy."The Heat" was the last time i did not laugh at a so called comedy & there are plenty more i could mention.
This is one of the best films i've seen this year,it pokes fun at a long list of films,Star Wars,any Batman film,a load of westerns,Lord Of The Rings & The Matrix plus many others but it's very subtle.Full of daft jokes foreground & background,alot of them is Lego taking the mick of itself.The animation is amazing & there are some incredibly good set pieces,this film has done to Batman plus others,as Life Of Brian did with anything to do with the Romans.

A huge… Read more
The Perks of Being a Wallflower <b>DVD</b> ~ Logan Lerman
The Perks of Being a Wallflower DVD ~ Logan Lerman
5.0 out of 5 stars A Cut Above The Rest., 20 July 2014
By far & away the best High School drama in 10 years.A really enjoyable,heart warming & quite sad drama about making friends,a true people film.Charlie has had a troubled childhood which becomes clearer as the story goes along,& explains why he is like he is.It's his first day at High School & with few friends & well over 1000 days ahead it's a daunting prospect.
His sister & her boyfriend are there but wont have much to do with him,there are others but they also dont seem to want to know.The one "friend" Charlie does have is his english teacher,which he happens to be good at plus he is thinking of becoming a writer.Then he meets Patrick at a football game & his world is opened… Read more
Lovely Molly <b>DVD</b> ~ Tony Ellis
Lovely Molly DVD ~ Tony Ellis
1.0 out of 5 stars Count the cliches, 20 July 2014
YAWN YAWN!! here we go again.I nearly switched this off in the first few minutes,as it starts as a "found footage" film,suprise,like the "Blair Witch".The one saving grace with this is it's never quite clear wether it is a haunting,or all in Mollys head.This treads on a very very well worn path & has many of the cliches found on it..
The plot is simple,after getting married Molly & Tim move into her perants old house witch,yes you've guessed,is in a quite remote spot.There is the odd flashback to Mollys odd childhood witch becomes more clear as the film goes on.Three months in & odd things start happening round the house,usually at,oh! guessed right AGAIN,at night.Bring… Read more