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Ritual ~ White Lies
Ritual ~ White Lies
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Loved the first one, love this one. I don't know if White Lies think they are profound, and don't really care. They absoluteley aren't, but they make me happy.

Ritual is an album of massiveley overblown eighties-tooled goodness. Huge production, massive choruses, top tunes, lush synths and preposterous doom-laden lyrics. Sublime.

You can keep your anaemic, whiny, tuneless crap that has passed for cool in the last ten dismal years of alt-rock. Sorry, noughties youth, but I'll take White Lies over White Stipes any day.

This will do for me until the next Chameleons, Cure or (wishful thinking) Teardrops reunion.
Blind ~ Sundays
Blind ~ Sundays
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2.0 out of 5 stars Tepid, 4 Oct 2007
Okay, I'm one of those people who was horribly disappointed with this record when it came out, and still find it dull, overproduced and unmemorable. Words fail me that people actually think this album is superior to Reading, Writing, Arithmatic.

Nothing on this record comes even vagueley close to the brilliance of Here's Where the Story Ends, Can't Be Sure or My Finest Hour.

Where the first album was full of uniqueley English charm, humour and great tunes, Blind serves up a diet of tepid, unmemorable dirges that border on MOR.

Goodbye flirts briefly with something resembling a tune, but that's your lot. Harriet still sings like an angel, but where are the… Read more
We Are The Night ~ The Chemical Brothers
We Are The Night ~ The Chemical Brothers
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3.0 out of 5 stars Cheesy, 28 Jun 2007
This record reminds me of the last couple of Orbital releases - kinda cheesy, too many novelty tunes and sounds, and a bit of middle-aged spread.

Up tunes like We Are the Night and Do It Again are littered with over-repeated chants that eventually just grate and irritate. Leave that stuff for the live act, where it works. Here passable tunes like the title are hammered by repetition.

I haven't been much impressed with the bros' choice of vocal collaborators for a while now. Battle Scars and The Pills Won't Help are more middle-of-the-indie-road downer drone like the horrible Flaming Lips collabortion on the last record.

I don't really know what to say about… Read more