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I read much too much and I now seem to have become a top 1,000 reviewer on Amazon. It won't last, I see that others, who resent my strange success, have now taken to saying they find my reviews "unhelpful". I have no team of supporters to help me, so I will fade away.

Reading, obviously. But I also adore cricket.


Top Reviewer Ranking: 554 - Total Helpful Votes: 972 of 1158
Proof of Heaven: A Neurosurgeon's Journey into the&hellip by Eben Alexander
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This is a fascinating story. Eben Alexander (why do some Americans put their surnames before their Christian names and then add numbers at the end?) clearly had a miraculous recovery from an illness which should either have killed him or left him gravely disabled. His recovery seems to me to be the most interesting part of his story. But he disagrees.

Mr (as he is an American surgeon I suppose I should call him "Dr") Alexander was in a coma for seven days. Most of his brain was not working during that time (apparently provable from scans and so on). He claims that, despite having a brain which was not working, he spent those seven days in heaven. He had vivid visions of… Read more
The Adventures of Inspector Lestrade by M J  Trow
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5.0 out of 5 stars Delightful, 23 May 2014
What a wonderful discovery (Amazon offered this book as a free gift for signing up to emails about books). I feared it would be awful (because I didn't have to pay for it). But there was no need for that fear. I adored every page of this immensely charming story of Inspector Lestrade's attempts to solve a series of murders in Victorian England.

Lestrade, of course, was the bumbling Scotland Yard detective who featured in the Sherlock Holmes stories. In this book he is the main character. Holmes and Watson do appear, but they are on the fringes. And Holmes is an incompetent, but very pleased with himself, detective. Arthur Conan Doyle features (he writes stories about Holmes to… Read more
The Abduction (The Carnivia Trilogy 2) by Jonathan Holt
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I think I mentioned, in my review of The Abomination, the first volume of this trilogy, that I had almost not bought it because it had been described to me as being "Da Vinci Code meets Girl with the Dragon Tattoo". The idea that there might be another Dan Brown out there, and one who added gratuitous violence to badly written and ludicrous conspiracy theories, rather put me off. Fortunately, I went ahead and bought the book. It was a gem.

One is always a bit nervous about reading the second novels of authors who have done well with the first. The first may turn out to have exhausted the author's talent. The reader may be horribly disappointed by the second… Read more

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