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"Of apple-picking; I am overtired " wrote Robert Frost once and that pretty much sums how i feel about reviewing at this moment in time.
I have had my fill for the moment of the pedants & the puntuation police but more to the point with summer on the way , or at least what passes for one on this godforsaken Island , i wish to spend more time doing other things rather than wringing my head for lit… Read more

Music, Literature, cinema and getting by with as little hassle and drama as possible. I Like to laugh and write and hope my writing expresses this though whether my laughing does is anybodys guess.


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Oral-B Braun CrossAction Replacement Rechargeable &hellip by Oral-B
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used these for a while with my new Tri Zone toothbrush and was genuinely stumped as to how I was going to write a cogent informative review. Then I looked at some of the other reviews and thought .....great , I will just copy what these guys have , only joking. Seriously though, how do you review something as seemingly banal as a toothbrush head? Well that's my problem , so here goes.
The things about these heads is that they provide - get ready for some advertising speak here- a different cleaning action as the bristle alignment on the head of the tooth brush is varied and this provides a brushing action from multiple angles as the head rotates thus rendering a far… Read more
Oral-B Trizone 2000 Electric Rechargeable Toothbru&hellip by Oral-B
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Or adventures with my first electronic toothbrush. So how does one compare after fifty years of manual brushing.? Well, first I felt I had to use it for a while to gauge an truly accurate reaction. So consequently this review is written after one solid week of use-that is twice a day for a week , not literally using for a whole seven days.
First thing to note is that the unit needs a complete charge before you can commence usage. That means leaving it in the charging unit for almost literally 24 hours. This should allow about a week of normal use before it will then need re-charging .A light on the handle flashes red to warn you of this.
A standard head is supplied with the unit… Read more
Ultrasport Laser Bicycle Safety Light Ultrasport
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The most interesting thing about this light are the laser lane indicators. Basically there are two laser emitters at the base of the light that project two lines either side of the bike as you trundle ( in my case anyway ) along. These can be set to permanent or in a flickering mode , though I not sure what good that is. Indeed it is hard to see how effective these will be until the darker mornings/nights creep in.
As for the normal light that seems pretty standard fare. The five red LEDs have three settings of which by far the funkiest is the third which has them vibing like a seventies disco.
It is a fairly sizable unit for a bike light , easy to fit on any seat post. The… Read more

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