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"Of apple-picking; I am overtired " wrote Robert Frost once and that pretty much sums how i feel about reviewing at this moment in time.
I have had my fill for the moment of the pedants & the puntuation police but more to the point with summer on the way , or at least what passes for one on this godforsaken Island , i wish to spend more time doing other things rather than wringing my head for lit… Read more

Music, Literature, cinema and getting by with as little hassle and drama as possible. I Like to laugh and write and hope my writing expresses this though whether my laughing does is anybodys guess.


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Ultrasport Laser Bicycle Safety Light Ultrasport
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The most interesting thing about this light are the laser lane indicators. Basically there are two laser emitters at the base of the light that project two lines either side of the bike as you trundle ( in my case anyway ) along. These can be set to permanent or in a flickering mode , though I not sure what good that is. Indeed it is hard to see how effective these will be until the darker mornings/nights creep in.
As for the normal light that seems pretty standard fare. The five red LEDs have three settings of which by far the funkiest is the third which has them vibing like a seventies disco.
It is a fairly sizable unit for a bike light , easy to fit on any seat post. The… Read more
The Final Silence by Stuart Neville
The Final Silence by Stuart Neville
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When Rea Carlisle inherits a house from her uncle she discovers a lot more than a leaking roof and damp in the basement. One room is locked and when she forces it open she discover a book that unlocks some grim secrets , that implicate other members of her family in the violence of the troubles. She turns to the man she once had a fling with D.I . Jack Lennon. But his is not a happy world either.The intervening period though has not been kind. Suspended from the police pending multiple reviews of his health and performance Jack has developed some extraneous bad habits to the ones he already carried. His relationships are in free fall including, sadly, the one with his estranged daughter… Read more
Forty Acres by Dwayne Alexander Smith
Forty Acres by Dwayne Alexander Smith
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Forty Acres raise a most salient question. Do heinous crimes committed in the past justify similar vengeful atrocities in the here & now? The obvious answer to that is an unequivocal no , but Forty Acres excitingly poses the question within the framework of a clever thriller.
Damon Darrell, an internationally famous trial lawyer, recruits lawyer Martin Grey, a courtroom rival, into a secret conspiracy of powerful black men determined to redress the historical wrongs perpetrated on blacks .Grey is carefully assimilated into their scheme but his moral strength and courage means it will not be as easy for him as it was for some of the others.
Dwayne Alexander Smith has written a… Read more

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