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5.0 out of 5 stars Virtual Console 3DS - remarkable., 4 Feb 2012
This is a review of the 3DS Virtual Console version of the game (free for 3DS Ambassadors like myself).

Metroid is one of those games that defined the NES. The world of Zebes is absolutely huge for a NES game (well, it feels like it anyway), and there are many power ups available that are also present in newer games in the series. The music of the game fits perfectly (my favourite is the Brinstar theme), and there is never a bad tune playing while you jump up those ridiculously long corridors.

Lucky for me, I had played Zero Mission before this, so I knew where all the suit power ups were, which helped a lot. After finished the game once, I went back through twice… Read more
Super Mario Land 2:6 Golden Coins
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This is a review of the Virtual Console version of the game (which is the same as the Game Boy version).

This is a massive improvement over the first Mario Land game. One of the things I like is the fact it is less linear, so you don't have to do the stages in a set order you can just pick any one on the map. Finding all the secret exits even with a guide will take you quite a while, but it helps that the game handles MUCH BETTER than the first (throwing fire is back again, rather than cannonballs, jumping is much better). There are also some very memorable tunes in the game much like the first.

All in all, a great game. This is essential for anyone who still has a… Read more
Super Mario Land (Gameboy) by Nintendo
Seeing as they are virtually the same game, I thought I would review the Virtual Console (3DS) version here.

First things first, this is a fun game, by all means. However, I find the controls to be a bit floaty, like when you jump for instance, the whole feel of the thing is like you're about to float up into space and take off (in other words it handles entirely differently from the NES Mario games). Also, instead of throwing fire when you pick up a Fire Flower, you seem to throw these cannon balls that bounce off in all the wrong directions which can prove fatal on many occasions.

That being said, it's Mario. Thanks to the Virtual Console "Restore Point" feature… Read more