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Dead Star / In Your World [CD 1] ~ Muse
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The first time I heard Deadstar, I kind of didn't 'get' it. It's not like other Muse songs. Well, it is. Kind of. I mean yeah, it owes a lot to classical music (particularly the romantic era), and comprises of energetic rifts, sublime harmonies, and almost improbably high, sustained notes (how he reaches them without squeezing very tightly is a complete mystery)...but it's a sort of more intense, innovative, experimental, manic sound (which is not to say that his older music isn't intense, innovative, experimental and manic. 'Cos it is. See?) It took me a few listens before I really got into it, and understood it (without meaning to sound scarily pretentious). Now I love it and can't get… Read more

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