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I am a Theoretical Physicist with a wide range of interests. Outside of my own field of expertise I am very interested in literature, consumer electronics, entrepreneurship (especially the high-tech kind), philosophy, religion and politics. I enjoy reviewing books that I have read and I am especially happy to share my impressions of the products that I have used with others.

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Physics, theology, politics, computers, photography, business, entrepreneurship, consumer electronics.


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Doing Data Science: Straight Talk from the Frontli&hellip by Cathy O'Neil
“Data Science” has become one of the most trendy research fields in recent years, as well as a catchall rubric for various job descriptions and work functions. The cynics and skeptics, and there are many of those, contend that “Data Science” is nothing more than repackaged Statistics, with a bit of coding and hacking thrown in. Its proponents, however, point out that most practicing data scientists use a variety of skills and techniques in their daily work, and come from a vast spectrum of career paths and backgrounds. I tend to side with the latter group, but I too am an outsider to this field and am still trying to get a better understanding of what it really entails.

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Management: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short &hellip by John Hendry
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Once any organization reaches a certain size and complexity, it becomes inevitable and essential for it to structure itself along the hierarchical lines. Coordinating people in such an organization requires a certain level of skill and specialization, and this, in a nutshell, is what managers and management are all about.

This small book explores the concept and the function of management. It tries to answer a few basic questions: what is management and what do managers do? The book delves into several general theories and approaches to management, and tries to show how thee have evolved over time. Interestingly enough, though, in terms of the specifics of what goes on in an… Read more
Bolse® Newly Designed 300Mbps Wifi Wireless-N USB &hellip by bolse
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This little USB stick is a prime example of technology becoming more compact while steadily improving. A WiFi adapter would have been the size of a large computer motherboard card just a few years ago, and would have cost you three to four times as much as this device while delivering speeds that are an order of magnitude lower.

I was really happy to get this micro WiFi USB stick because I have a couple of older or low-power computers that did not come with native WiFi connectivity. The WiFi stick comes with a small CD which contains all the necessary drives for my computer. I installed the drivers on my old Windows 7 machine and with that the USB stick was recognized… Read more