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I am a Theoretical Physicist with a wide range of interests. Outside of my own field of expertise I am very interested in literature, consumer electronics, entrepreneurship (especially the high-tech kind), philosophy, religion and politics. I enjoy reviewing books that I have read and I am especially happy to share my impressions of the products that I have used with others.

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Physics, theology, politics, computers, photography, business, entrepreneurship, consumer electronics.


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The Runaway Mommy by Jane Kuo Paris
The Runaway Mommy by Jane Kuo Paris
As any parent will tell you, kids are a great source of fulfillment and joy. They also make almost constant demands on your time and attention, especially when they are really young. They make you put many of your personal aspirations and career goals on hold, and put breaks on your professional life. (I am trying to squeeze in writing of this review between a breakfast with my family and the time when Iíll have to take care of our toddler this afternoon.) In the end, the joy and fulfillment we get from our kids far outweigh all of the daily frustrations, but the more honest parents would admit that there were many moments when they wish they could just run away from it all.

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The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout
The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout
4.0 out of 5 stars A Must Read, 21 April 2014
For many years we've been friends with this guy whom I'll call Steve. Steve is an upstanding member of the community, has a picture-perfect All-American family, a respectable job, and a wide circle of friends. He comes across as charming and very friendly, and seems to be very eager to help and please those around him. However, after getting to know him just a little bit better all these aspects of Steve's life appear to be an act. Steve is in fact extremely competitive even over the dumbest things, scheming, and manipulative. The more I got to know him, the less I wanted to know about him. His constant scheming was eventually too much to handle, and we were forced to cut all personal ties… Read more
(with samsung battery cells) 2600mAh External Batt&hellip by OXA
There are many external batteries out there that can help you recharge your portable devices, and which one you choose will depend on your particular needs. This OXA 2600 mAh external battery/charger is one of the smallest Iíve seen, both in terms of physical size as well as charge capacity. The battery looks similar in shape and size to an elongated lighter. The battery is charged from an USB port, and it comes with its own micro USB cable with several different charging attachments. You can charge it by plugging it into a spare USB outlet on your PC (slow), or by using one of the wall USB outlets from your cell phone or a similar device.

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