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Before the Dawn: An Autobiography by Gerry Adams
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Reading this book was the first step along my self-chosen path of trying to learn what has been going on in Northern Ireland in the last 30 years. As a mainland Briton, I realise I have been fed the (UK) government line on Ulster and its troubles, but it has never been more urgent to understand what lies behind the words 'terrorism' and 'terrorists; to understand why people in so-called civilised society reach for the gun and the bomb.This book is not a comprehensive history, but in its personal stories it does offer insights worth having; you would not expect a man who have given his life to the struggle for Irish unity to be impartial, but he is human, and he does give the Troubles a… Read more
The Nature Of The Beast by Frances Fyfield
The Nature Of The Beast by Frances Fyfield
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Frances Fyfield belongs to that category of crime writers who don't so much ask who did it but why they did it. She has an acute understanding of the complexity of human nature, a complexity of intention, feeling and reaction that can often lead unwittingly to crime. This book explores that fascinating area: people who choose to disappear.Many of us have fantasised about it: what it would be like, just to walk away.This is the story of a woman who does that, and why. It's a rich and well-told story, immensely readable.And I'm happy to read and recommend a book in which dogs can be real characters too!
Acid Row by Minette Walters
Acid Row by Minette Walters
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To say that Minette Walters writes thrillers is like saying that Michelangelo was a Sunday painter. This is a rich, tense and interesting book dealing with contemporary and unpalatably real events: the hounding of a paedophile,racial stereotyping, mob violence,honestly intentioned actions that go so horribly and inexorably wrong. I was utterly caught up in the agony of tension it created, utterly convinced by the characters, horrified by some of the detail.

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