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Malone sliding mirror door wardrobe walnut by Dwell
Steer clear. These are nice looking wardrobes but the design and build quality is awful.
The obvious flaw, that you've probably spotted from the picture, is that there are no handles on them. So opening the mirrored door means getting fingerprints on it. Not a disaster, but fingerprints do spoil the clean lines somewhat. Except that those clean lines are already spoiled in another, far more dangerous and annoying way:
I bought the 2-door and 3-door version of this (in grey). On assembling them it was immediately obvious that the sliding doors weren't going to slide properly, because the horizontal top piece of the wardrobe - particularly on the 3-door version - can't hold its own… Read more
Cowon EH2 Audiophile Earphones by Cowon
I've been listening to portable music players since the very first Sony Walkman, and I've lost count of the number of pairs of earphones I've tried in all those years. Last year, as soon as I could afford to finally do it, I shelled out a month's disposable income on the much-hyped Shure Se535s, thinking I'd found the ultimate in-ears (after spending a month or so feeling guilty at such an extravagant and expensive purchase).
This year I swapped the Shures for these, and I'm so glad I did. What the Shures did well - detail, mid-range, musicality - they did very well. But where they lacked was with the deep bass reach and oomph, and with the very top end, which lacked crispness and… Read more
Dreamtime Submersible <a href="">Steve Hillage Evan Marc</a><span class="byLinePipe"> | </span><span class="byLinePipe">Format:</span> MP3 Download
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A great coming together, this. Evan Marc at the top of his game, and Hillage happy to let his guitar gently, subtly add to the magic rather than take over or be the focus, as with his System 7 stuff. More like the Mirror System stuff, but more uptempo and minimalist. It's so well produced, and the two artists just work so well together, that the end product is really something special, hypnotic, facinating. I think another reviewer said it took a few listens to appreciate. I think it just takes a proper listen. Put it on as background music and it'll probably seem boring, repetitive, unimaginative. But listen to it attentively and it soon becomes clear that there's some top quality… Read more