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1967 – Born in a hospital in Portsmouth, Hampshire, England

1983 – Having failed to find anything remotely interesting while attending school, save for my English teacher, I left with a single O’Level in English language and a few other inconsequential certificates

1984-1989 – I self -learned programming and girls, the later resulting in a move to the Midlands which… Read more

Reading, writing, movies, history and writing reviews. I write thriller fiction too. It's published here as well.

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Guardians of the Galaxy [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Chris Pratt
Guardians of the Galaxy [DVD] DVD ~ Chris Pratt
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The appeal of Guardians, that led me to the cinema, was originality. It wasn't a sequel or spin-off although it was a Marvel comic-book adaptation. Marvel have a pretty good track record in that regard and I wasn't disappointed.

Peter Quill aka Starlord was kidnapped from earth in the 1980s, the day his mother died from cancer. Brought up amongst galaxy roaming bounty hunters he is a criminal with a conscience. Tasked with finding a mysterious orb he discovers a secret ancient power. Thrown together with a small band of rogues and misfits Starlord fights to stop this power being used against innocents in the Galaxy.

Guardians is superbly entertaining, one of the best… Read more
Hercules [DVD] <b>DVD</b> ~ Dwayne Johnson
Hercules [DVD] DVD ~ Dwayne Johnson
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If this had been headlined by anyone other than Dwayne Johnson then I'm not sure I'd have turned up at the cinema. Even then it was a bit touch and go. What could this sword and sandals flick offer that wasn't already covered by many others the last fifteen years? It turns out Hercules is pretty unique in its attempt to say something important about the world we live in, layered beneath the many coloured imagination of director Brett Ratner and the needs of a PG12 rating.

Hercules is one of the great legends of ancient Greece, the half human son of Zeus. The slayer of mighty beasts and a single man able to face down whole armies. Or so the legend says.

It has been… Read more
Boy In The Tower by Polly Ho-Yen
Boy In The Tower by Polly Ho-Yen
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I always think it's worth keeping an eye on Darley Anderson to see what they're upto. Their latest newsletter had lots of photos of people squeezed into a little shop full of yellow books and big purple flowers. The occasion was the launch of Polly Ho-Yen's The Boy in the Tower. Unusually for a book just launched it was reasonably priced on Amazon, the biggest factor in me buying it. It was downloaded to my Kindle Wednesday night having no idea what it was about, outside of the title. I finished it Thursday night. It isn't a long book but it's wonderfully original with an engaging narrative written entirely from the perspective of a young boy, as he first contends with his sick mother and… Read more

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