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The Road to Recovery: How and Why Economic Policy &hellip by Andrew Smithers
This is perhaps the first sensible, non-sensationalist book that has been written to highlight that in the absence of new policies the current economic slump is here to stay. As usual with great books, while nothing fundamentally new is presented, theories that have existed for a while are combined to further our understanding of the world.

My favorite book of 2013, Stockman's "Great Deformation," argues that the financial crisis was caused by the lethal combination of three factors that in isolation could have been benign: (i) the tax advantage of debt financing over equity financing (ii) the tax advantage of income from capital gains over income from labor and (iii) the Fed's… Read more
The Story of English in 100 Words by David Crystal
I just LOVED reading this book.

A few years ago I read Mother Tongue by Bill Bryson and I enjoyed it thoroughly. But I bet that this tiny little tome will have a longer-lasting effect on my appreciation of the English language.

Not only is the author the consummate master of his topic, he's also head over heels in love with it. No exaggeration, you get the feeling he narrowed it down to 100 from his favorite 10,000 words. He weaves in the Celtic, the Anglo-Saxon, the Viking, the Latin and the Norman / French, but does not forget the American, the Indian or even the Pidgin and he goes looking for the medical and the Internet terms that have crept into the language… Read more
Conscious Capitalism by John Mackey
Conscious Capitalism by John Mackey
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I'm frustrated by what's been happening with capitalism. I'm old enough to remember the times when some of us had to defend capitalism against what many believed to be sensible alternatives and it makes me sick to the stomach to watch a cabal of no more than ten thousand big money investors and their CEO puppets do some truly nasty things in the name of capitalism.

Other than call today's state of capitalism by its name (crony capitalism) this book does not address any of the issues I have with the system. It does even try to discuss why businesses today have stopped reinvesting their profits, why business today carries so much debt, why business these days spends record high… Read more